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I tried really, really hard to keep on top of work, but through no fault of my own, I just can't make the Saturday trip happen. Too much left that has to be managed tomorrow morning, and I also need time to sleep and do laundry before I can go, so we're gonna do it Sunday instead. Which means no book sale/library visit, which I am actually really upset about, but the animal shelter will be open (it is legit only open 2 days a week for a total of 4.5 hours), so almost as good.

I did, however, go to the church sale today. I spent 80 minutes walking around the huge space and had an absolute blast. I got a bunch of mini things, which is exactly what I wanted.

  • A cool trade paperback sized spiral-bound notepad, with narrow-ruled paper on one side of each page (seriously thinner than college ruled), the other blank. It's Coalesse branded and had "for the new work day" on the cover so I'm sure it was a free sample or similar business bulk buy once, but I don't care, I love its style.

  • (side note: there were about EIGHTEEN BILLION little notebooks and other office supplies. I spent most of my time happily rummaging through them to pick my very favorite. There was a 60s or 70s 5-year-diary I wanted badly, but it was locked w/ no key. No writing in it, I actually wanted to use it. Yes, I do have a newer one I COULD use, but I haven't started yet -- and this was vintage. I just wanted it, okay?!)

  • Sisterhood Everlasting on audiobook (ex-library). I haven't read it, I may want to throw it out a window when I do, but as of this year, I love the idea of snatching up books on CD that I might enjoy.

  • A Walk Across America 2, matching companion to the first one. I've heard it's not as good or quite the same, but I want it anyway.

  • A random CD ("Room to Breathe"), by ZOEgirl

  • An irresistibly cute greeting card shaped like a house, complete with a window cut-out

  • A bag of half a dozen of those little semi-see-through nylon satchels that you can put jewelry and such in for gifts, all different sizes and colors.

  • ..I just remembered that there was an enormous bag of pens and pencils for $1 that I set down because it was heavy, and forgot to pick up. I wanted to explore that bounty! Oh well.

  • A gift set of 5 different whiskey cocktail drink mixers ("best by" date is Jan. 2019). Have I ever had whiskey? No. Do I know anyone who drinks it? Nah. Have I made or tried literally any cocktail made with a mixer ever? Nope! Am I hopefully theorizing I can find a way to use these anyway? You know it. I look at mixers in the grocery store a lot, but they are such big bottles and so expensive just to experiment. Five closer to sample-sized (2.3 ounces) bottles is more my speed.

Speaking of vintage 5-year amazing is THIS post?
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