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Is quantity better than quality? Eh...

A variety of stupid factors converged to make it so that I only got to spend about 3 hours at my favorite annual 3-day event, the Half Price Books Clearance Sale. I went on Saturday afternoon and wasn't able to get back, so I had very limited time to look at CDs and DVDs, and no time at all to look at nonfiction. But I did get to comb over teen lit, the most important category, to my heart's content, and I found a lot of good stuff there. Bonus, it was very easy on the walllet!

CDs were a dollar, and because all my books were teen/kid books, they were priced at $1 hardcovers/50 cents for paperbacks. Actual garage sale prices! Amazing. Honestly, I think she even under-charged me, now that I look at it. Which is fair because I have been overcharged here in the past.

Sissel, self-titled album (2002): I grabbed it at random because it seemed like my kind of music, looking at it. So far, she is really cool and I am super happy with it.

Party of Five soundtrack (1996): I grabbed it to investigate partly because it has the Stevie Nicks a.k.a. Only Acceptable version of Free Fallin', and I saw a Shawn Colvin number there as well and a song featuring Tori Amos, so I thought maybe I'd discover some Quality 90s Music. It's...okay. Not sure if I will keep it.

Mae, "Everglow" (2005): Boyfriend pointed this out. The packaging is SUPER cool, with a normal CD case inside a paper cover, and an illustrated booklet with a painting for each story-song, and as a concept album I love the idea of it, but I'm lukewarm about the sound. Turns out "mae" is initials for some dudes and not a female singer.

Books, Paperback
1. Better Off Friends - Elizabeth Eulberg
Just a Scholastic edition, but it's such a cute YA romance whose point is the opposite of the title.

2-3. Books 1 & 4 of the Diary of a Teenage Girl quartet by Melody Carlson
I read 3 and 4 in high school and I SUPER disliked them because of their unexpected and heavy Christian angle, but I have been wanting to reread at least book 4 (where she goes off to college, something I am always a fan of in YA) to see if my perspective changes at all now that I tend not to mind Christian books as a concept. Even though I rated it a 1.5, book 4 always lodged in my memory as being a good portrayal of college life, kinda different from what most teen books show, with drinking and hookups. Also these were published 2000-2002, so it's very My Teenage Era.

(side note: I was psyched to trip over these in adult fiction, after seeing like ALL of her other books along the YA tables)

4-6. Something I am stupid excited about: Thoroughbred books! 26, 48 and 65, specifically exciting because the latter two are "lost diary" books for Samantha and Cindy.

Ever since I pulled mine out o the attic, leafed through some and immediately felt the same rush I did when I first read them, not like they were childish at all but like reuniting with old friends, I have secretly been making plans to buy the rest of the series as I find them. I have always kinda wanted to be a Childhood Series Collector -- such fun to have a specific goal with increased odds of finding what you want, given the sheer number of targets! -- but there was never one I felt was really worth pursuing (like that I might reread), until now.

7. Backwater - Joan Bauer
absolutely everything about this summary sounds peaceful and amazing.

8. The Unchosen - Nan Gilbert
A 1960s Scholastic book about 3 unpopular high schoolers Despairing about their lack of dates. I thought it would be super cute. In practice it appears that I am going to get,at least in part, an eating disorder book...but that'll be kind of fascinating to read about from this time period, because it wasn't a well known disorder to most people at all then. Mom even confirms that people definitely didn't talk about anorexia or have a name for the behavior, even though it certainly existed. (She even knew someone who, while not skeletal, definitely "dropped weight really fast; you could tell she was too thin by the end of the year.")

9. Glee: Summer Break - Sophia Lowell
MY GLEE BOOK TRIO IS COMPLETE. All of them purchased in brand new condition ($1 apiece for the first two, this one even less), and this one even still has the promotional postcards in the back.

10. Ordinary Beauty - Laura Weiss
I didn't write a detailed enough review to remember exactly why I loved it, but I know I did and I put it on my "want to own" shelf, so I bought it when I spotted it (misplaced in general adult fiction again. go me!)

Books, Hardcover
11. The Etruscan Smile - Velda Johnston (1977)
Just looked like a really cool, intriguing mystery/thriller in a lush European setting

12. Journey to Almost There - JoAnn Bren Guernsey
This almost-brand-new-condition book from 1985 (still bearing its original Target price tag of $2) just caught my eye for some reason. road-trippin' with your illicitly-borrowed-Grandpa to keep him out of a nursing home? I mean. I read the first few pages and it just seemed really cute, though I know the drama stakes are going to be upped. Plus I have one of her other books (she's a Minnesota author). I didn't love said book, but I liked her writing style.

And now for my two true pieces of treasure:

13. The Brumby - Mary Elwyn Patchett (copyright 1958; 1960 printing)
Because they FINALLY had a table just for the vintage books! And somehow, amid a sea of dreadfully boring nonfiction (mostly religious) and equally dull adult novels, was this beautiful old horse book. I found two dried four-leaf clovers pressed inside, so perhaps it was imbued with luck specifically for me to find it.

It's not an uncommon book, and it's not even in amazing condition (some faint brown spotting to the inside jacket sleeve and the page edges), but it's a HORSE BOOK with its original dust jacket, carefully encased in Mylar, it's not ex-library, and neatest of all it was printed in England.

[edit: ugh, never mind. The brown staining was worse than I thought and I had to let it go because it was kind of grossing me out to touch it. Fie on everyone who stores their boks improperly!!]

14. Hundred Horse Farm - Blanche Chenery Perrin (1973)
The front cover is coming apart from the spine so it must be handled with care, and it has some staining on the pages and is ex-library, but it has its dust jacket and you know what? I found this fully 15 hours into the sale, in the regular teen section and not even with the old books, and I snatched it up on principle -- but when I got home, I found it is stupid scarce and to buy a copy online right now would run me $75, SO.

Books I Did Not Buy
Several Magic Attic Club books -- they're very slim paperbacks, similar to American Girl, and not worth buying, but they have such cool glossy and illustrated pages. I had a catalogue when I was a kid (still do, actually), and I always kind of wanted to read them. Our library never had them. With more time at the sale, I probably would have taken 30 minutes or so for a rest break and binged on them there.

French Through Pictures, a compact sixties paperback pocket guide which I was WILDLY entertained by ("look at all these sentences I know!!"), featuring simple stick-people-type drawings for common words and phrases, but reluctantly put back because I didn't think I would really look at it again and I was TRYING to be good. Of course, first thing my mom (who doesn't speak French but has always wanted to) says: "I would have loved that!"

Secret Bonus Buys Online
Also, after writing up a Top Ten Tuesday post recently, I casually searched for Jean Slaughter Doty on eBay and lo and behold, I found a lot of four of her books I don't own -- two of which I've never even read -- and was the sole bidder to win for $7.56 including shipping. They should be here tomorrow: Admittedly they have some unusually unsightly library tape (translucent neon orange where it's usually clear), but they include:

-Can I Get There By Candlelight? (which I LOVE)
-Yesterday's Horses (I don't remember it well, if I read it at all)
-Valley of the Ponies
-Gabriel (her lone dog book!)

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