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Self Reference

A quick note to myself about where to find several 'WANT TO READ' books on Goodreads so I can stop typing them into search engines all the damn time. (ps BRING BACK THE 'SAVED ITEMS' LIST, COUNTY LIBRARY!! I NEED THAT FEATURE BAD)

edit: this has proven a very useful post, and easy to find via tags, so I am gonna be updating it for the forseeable future

County A
Roomies - Lauren [Library M, R, W]
Every Note Played - Genova [every library, plus audiobook at M/R]

County B
Ride a Painted Pony - Eagle, romance [library W]
Dragonwyck - Anya Seton [library W]
Wildwood - Elinor Florence [library S]

Kentucky Daughter - Scott
X vs. Y: A Culture War, a Love Story
All The Things You Are - Courtney Sheinmel
Survivor II: The Field Guide - Burnett
Still Waters - Berne
"Maybe One Day" Kantor

Not Available Without $$
Peacock Summer - Richell
Me and Mr. J - McIntyre
Beloved Monster - Markley Miller
No Turning Back: The South American Expedition of a Dragon Slayer - Ben Wade
Out Live, Out Laugh, Out Love - Tina Wesson
Making Waves: The Stories Of Maine's Bob Crowley
Want - Stephanie Lawton
A Sudden Crush - Isley

Tags: to the library!

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