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I have no idea when I last watched Mom, new-episodes-wise -- sometime last season but whether it was before or after March I'm not sure -- but I was jonesing for something to take a nice break with tonight before starting on work again, so I pulled up the new season premiere online and... WHEN DID THEY GET A GLORIOUS FLOOFY BLONDE GOLDEN RETRIEVER?? SHE IS SO SWEET AND SO BEAUTIFUL. I want her around all the time.

Speaking of things I don't know about and can't follow, I have no idea what Yvette Nicole Brown's character backstory is or how Christy met her, but I see she is back to her regular size, and frankly I find that comforting; she was so skinny on The Odd Couple and it just never looked right. Also, I am now on 6x02, and the old guy she meets in GA (side note: when did she develop a gambling problem?!) -- OMG. Supervisor O'Boyle from King of Queens is suddenly an old guy. Wild! Apparently people look markedly older after 12+ years, what a concept.

Lastly: Christy's "controlled gambling" plan is to buy 10 scratch-off tickets and only scratch 3, thus proving she can stop any time she wants. To which I say: WHAT KIND OF SENSE DOES THAT MAKE? You've already spent the money. All you are doing is ensuring you don't win any money back. How would it test your ability to stop gambling by choice? That's like going to a racetrack and betting but then going home before the race starts. I am a person with no gambling addiction, and that would drive me so nuts I would HAVE to back and bet again. A better test would be to buy 3 scratch-off tickets today and then not buy any the next day. If you can't go two days without getting twitchy, that is a good sign of a problem. (Seems like the best test would be to go play some Church Bingo and then stop after you've played $10 worth of cards or whatever the normal starting price is, but whatever.)
Also, today I went to the hometown library and GUESS WHAT I FOUND ON THE SALE SHELVES? Soul of the Silver Dog -- by Lynn Hall. Scoresies!! It was so funny, I was at the very end of the YA/middle grade options, just briefly skimming over the skinny paperbacks where I never expect to find much, until that title sounded familiar. I didn't even recognize why until I saw the author. 50 cents is much better than what you see it for online ($3-4, the cost of shipping).

I also bought The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone, a book on my want-to-read list that the neighboring county has but our doesn't, which is currently inaccessible to me because no one else in my family has registered their library card their and mine remains lost. Turns out the reason our library doesn't have it is they just weeded it from the collection, and now it belongs to me forever, if I like it. It's a YA novel but I didn't look too closely at the plot, I wanted it for its art design: beautiful thick pages with color photos and other multi-media effects. It is a genuine work of art, and while it is ex-library, it is otherwise, like, brand new. Like no one's ever read it new, for $1.

And while I was at the other library last night, I scored my own copy of Cherry Money Baby, that book I inexplicably fell in love with last year, and wisely decided not to buy Algonquin: Story of a Great Dog, despite it being a vintage dog book, because a) crappy Whitman binding, and b) I remembered that it is actually a pretty depressing book and not as much like a "dog book" as "an adult novel featuring a dog." The style is similar, but distinctly not as good.
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