RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Drive-by Friday Five

From here.

1. With Halloween coming this next week, do you have any seasonal activities you're planning on doing for the holiday?
I do not! All of my energies are concentrated on getting work out of the way so I can spend the weekend with boyfriend for the real holiday this week, his birthday (Sunday).

2. What is your favorite Halloween or dress up party costume you've had?
In 9th grade we had to do an in-depth project on a historical figure, including an in-costume speech. I was Queen Elizabeth I, and I wore a deep blue velvet dress, a plastic crown, a handmade scepter from a tennis ball glued to a wooden dowel, spray-painted gold and then bejeweled, and a cloak my parents rented from a costume shop and later bought me for Christmas, which I am actually wearing right now for warmth. I also still have the scepter, though it needs to rebedazzled to attain its former glory. And the dress (which was one I already had for special occasions). Unsure about the crown.

Anyway, its creativity and overall end look definitely outstrips all my Halloween costumes.

3. Which do you like better, apple cider or pumpkin spice flavoring?
Pumpkin spice sounds worlds better than it actually is. Who allowed this mind trick. Apple cider all the way!

4. What is your favorite scary movie and why?
But I have like a hundred favorites! I've been saying The Haunting (1999) and The Others the longest, though. Also Ghost Ship. Recently I was very impressed by The Disappointments Room and Crimson Peak. OH! And of course The Woman in Black. Basically, just gimme All The Ghosts, and if they're in a historic and/or abandoned mansion, that is good too.

5. What traditionally "scary" monster or fear do you think is the most overrated and why?
ZOMBIES, as y'all know because I have been saying it for at least a decade now, because there is literally no part of me that believes they could exist, and even if I thought they could, one google search of "reasons a zombie apocalypse would fail (quickly)" should take care of it. They're scary only in the sense that they are absolutely disgusting to look at. They are exactly as frightening as mold. Nobody wants to hear they've got that in their house, either, but we're generally not actually scared of it.

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