RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Just a liiiiittle tiny squee post for NCIS: LA 10x05

I am doing my best to work on a season 9 catchup post so I can feel OK about doing proper season 10 reviews, but in the meantime I cannot stay away, because The Tiffany Episode was sooooo good in so many ways. Season 10 has been fantastic in every way, tbh, and the glorious respite from both Hetty AND Mosley really cannot be overstated enough, but this episode was just, like, everything I love all at once.

Short on Neric content, true. But between a glimpse at Anna, Whiting making an appearance, Deeks & Kensi having not one but two sweet moments, on top of the fact that Deeks was busy BLOWING EVERYONE OUT OF THE WATER WITH HIS AMAZING FACES OF REGRET AND FEELINGS, I am basically a volcano of unending joy.

I like to think I am above self inserts when it comes to shipping, but you know what, sometimes characters are really just out there living the dream, and today Tiffany was one of them. Being sprung from jail/hugged by Kensi, and then being on the receiving end of Deeks' face/voice of reassurance? I would definitely take a day or two in jail and being shot at for that. God but I love when characters can show up like that without being a relationship threat to either characters or the audience.

This is to say nothing my general appreciation as a viewer for Deeks jumping down the throat of lawyers who Suck At Their Job, aggressively going to bat for Tiffany all over the place and treading a thin enough line between sass and harassment to make Kensi* nervous about his next move. Just. So Great.

*who, in yet another turn of Awesomeness, refuses to take Whiting's "wow he seems really Intense about this other woman, should you be worried maybe?" bait because first of all, that is SO three seasons ago, and second of all they are still pretty fresh off the whole "almost dying in Mexico before affirming their devotion to each other," try and keep up.
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