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The Good Cop

Yesterday I got all my work done by 4:30 -- you don't understand, lately my work is never done; I spend 60+ hours a week on the computer because I'm always trying to focus on it (30-40% productivity rate), yet still there is always something I feel I should have completed by 5pm when I finally can't stay awake any longer -- so I was able to relax enough to sack out and watch the first 3 eps of a show I've had my eye on for a few weeks now, knowing I would love it, and I DO. It also marks the first-ever show I've watched that originated on a streaming service. I feel very good about my decision to reject everything until Netflix could come up with something adorable, not Hip To All the Modern Trends, and rated PG (Groban's character has a swear jar, y'all, which does not stop him from using "damn" but I'll let it slide).

I mean, technically it's a homicide-cop show so there are bodies, BUT, adorable beacon of sunshine and light Pushing Daisies also had bodies, and this show follows that model on avoiding gruesomeness while also reminding me of Numb3rs (for the father and son living together/dead mom aspect), or basically EVERYTHING I LOVE AND WANTED/NEEDED IN THIS LIFE.

More thoughts later; I have pledged to myself that if I can be Good and Productive on work for two hours straight, without a single click over to TVLine/Tumblr/Neopets/Goodreads, I can let myself quit and have a relaxing night.

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