RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Voting accompli!

I went at 10:15 and I have NEVER seen this place have an actual crowd before. This is really the hell y'all deal with in some places on the regular?? And please note by “crowd” I mean there were, like, 20 people in line -- I had to wait in a line for anything besides confirming who I am?? -- and it took twenty-five entire minutes from arrival to departure. (I haven’t had a very hard voting life.)

Also, the “how to fill out your ballot" explanation was given to me by a guy with a very British accent, so that was a trip and a half. # WHAT COUNTRY AM I IN?? # is this Brexit

Meanwhile, due to finding a bunch of really good sales, we currently have blackberries, Ghiradelli brownies and shrimp here all at once. It is like the universe wanted us to celebrate this day with lavish delicacies.

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