RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Netflix is about opening yourself up to pain

The Good Cop is canceled and I hate everyone directly and indirectly responsible.

(I do not feel like I was asking for much when I hoped for a season 2! I wasn't gonna expect some 7-season miracle; I was gonna be happy with two, like some kind of British television watching heathen, and YA COULDN'T EVEN GIVE ME TWO? One ten-normal-length-episodes season is all I am ever gonna get?? When literally 95% of everything else you have ever produced is garbage?? Why do Netflix subscribers hate joy and light.)

I swear to God, if Hill House gets renewed and I have to endure a THIRD instance this year of a show I adore being canceled while its immensely inferior neighbor gets renewed (The Brave/Good Girls, Scorpion/Instinct)...

THIS SHOW IS FLAWLESS. IT HAS NO FLAWS. The closest thing it has to a flaw is the drippy millenial tech weirdo at the precinct, and he is no worse than a couple of gnats in the room. I watched the whole thing in 3 days flat -- me, the person who normally needs at least a month per episode to fully savor anything she enjoys. It is THAT GOOD.
Tags: rage-o-hol, the good cop

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