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I am still pretty much in A Mood over The Good Cop, but a) I just remembered that I skipped over episode 9, because after the emotional high of episode 8 I wanted the even shippier finale immediately, so that's waiting for me, and b) I may or may not have spent a few hours this week watching Josh Groban talk show appearances and generally laughing until my sides hurt.

Pretty sure there are still hundreds of hours from the past 10+ years to go, plus all the other stuff I have not been paying attention to lately (Broadway! A new album! Twitter!). So. Still sour, but also punch-love-drunk on my return to him being my favorite celebrity. The consolation prizes here are good.

Also, when my exhaustion and work overload came to a head last night, I broke and collapsed and was unable to do anything other than binge on Mom episodes:

  • The gorgeous white golden is apparently a boy dog; regardless, HE GETS EVEN CUTER. I was too tired to get screencaps from the CBS player, which is hard to load to the right spot and requires quick reflexes before it minimizes when paused, but there's a whole segment where he's just lying on the couch with his wittle chin between his paws, which are propped up on the arm rest and make him look like he has adorably stubby wittle legs, and YES that is the exact wevel of baby talk I devolved into while squealing about it.

  • I don't know why Adam is opening a bar but I love it

  • Still don't really understand why Christy is hell-bent on being a lawyer, and every time she references it, the "don't be a lawyer, it really, really sucks" song from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend pops into my head.

  • I appreciate that Gamblers Anonymous has not turned into a super focal point, because it boring

  • KRISTEN JOHNSON IN THE HIZZOUSE! INSTANTLY MAKING THIS SHOW SUPER GREAT. Even though her plus-size self continues to boggle my mind every second she is on screen, and I am constantly that Poe-squinting-at-paper meme trying to recocile how I recognize her so easily when she looks so vastly different.

  • Part of me recognizes that the above is because it's like how I view myself in a mirror. I am not supposed to be this heavy. And right now, I am pretty much her body shape. But I don't feel like that body shape? And it frustrates me that that is actually what people see, when I walk around assuming I look like her circa "Sex and the City."

  • Anyway, my issues aside, apparently her character name is "Tammy" and SHE IS AMAZING. What a scene-stealer. Basically a human Labrador. Everything she says and does is gold and I love her.

  • I am secretly glad Marjorie's weird husband is gone, because Tammy is a much better roommate. #PUZZLECLUBEVERYDAY

  • Another point in Tammy's favor, her response to being invited to live with a near cat-hoarder is to light up like a Christmas tree. ("I always wanted a cat!" / "Well, now you have nine." / *NINE TIMES MORE EXCITED*)

  • I don't know if I have ever mentioned this, but Wendy is quite possibly my favorite regular. She's me, so for a long time I hated how everyone bullied and dogpiled on her (have I mentioned I hate sitcoms that use a random female character as the butt of every joke? Family Guy, Superstore), but I cherish the memory of that hospital episode where Christy got sick, and as the nurse in charge, she unleashed a can of whoop-ass and whipped them all into line as long as they were on her territory. I hold fast to my certainty that she is fine with the way things are and would break that voice out again if she ever felt she needed to.

  • I wouldn't mind being Jill when I grow up, and if you think I wouldn't hold my broke-ass waitress friend to a payment plan to repay me $4000 I didn't need simply because she owed it to me...

  • But because I identify with Jill, I definitely burst into tears when she was cleaning out her closet; if I'd gotten divorced and lost a pregnancy and had no mother and ended up alone, as happy as I would be with my gobs of money and beautiful house and material things, I too would probably end up an alcoholic and be prone to spiraling much like that

  • AND THEN the good times really ended as the show brought Violet back to do what she does best, be an absolute bitch, who is completely unsympathetic no matter how many "boohoo I lost my childhood" stories she tells. As much as I am super judgmental and totally understand how it's hard to forgive people who change too late, Violet never seems to stop scowling, so it's hard not to just throw the blame right back at her for not being strong or smart enough to rise above her poor upbringing. My ability to understand judgment cuts both ways.

  • So when she told Christy that her life was better without her in it, and she would like to maintain the practice of not communicating with her...the part of my brain that spins unsolicited fanfic concepts (by hijacking a character and making them react how I instinctively want to with my brain in their body and circumstances) was so vicariously hurt/distraught at the idea of failing a child that badly that it may or may not have sent Christy straight to the liquor store for a bottle of vodka as soon as she could escape her mother's company, to be consumed as quickly as possible and taking no special care to avoid alcohol poisoning. No thought process beyond "bad / ireedemable causer of damage / obliterate asap."

  • Actual (Sleep Deprived) Me just burst into tears and then faceplanted into a pillow propped against my desk and fell asleep once I wore myself out. Being sleep deprived definitely had a lot to do with my reaction, but this stupid and mostly silly show has never had the power to upset me like that. I hate it.

  • Anyway I hope Tammy continues to appear in episodes, maybe even all season, and that this wasn't the end of her arc.

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