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Nominations are now open at csifanficawards , which is a wholly awesome place and may in fact have been the tipping point in convincing me to create an LJ, so dig out your bookmarks and send in your favorite stories of the 06-07 season.  I'd also like to casually point out that despite my slacking in 2007, I really did used to write fanfic, and in fact I had this burst of creative energy last fall.  To that end, I shall provide you with quicky links to my eligible CSI: Miami stories, in case one of them jogs your memory about a story you liked.  I always feel vaguely uncomfortable pimping my own work, but have decided it's permissible in this case since I don't post to any LJ comms.  

Of course, this means I have to figure out which stories I want to nominate, and despite having maintained a computer file all year with the names of potential nominees, when it comes right down to it, I realize that 
a) I read a lot less CSIverse fic than I thought I did, particularly *quality* fic 
b) much of what I do read is the same type of stuff, which makes it hard to choose just one story per category, and
c) it's *really hard* deciding which category a story best belongs in, since I don't feel comfortable putting it up twice, even if that's allowed

Tags: awards, fanfic

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