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Top Ten Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With

Found a draft that I forgot to post; sneaking it in here a month later; will link to main post later.
It is honestly wild how many books I had to eliminate because one or both parents are deceased and I would not like to have that part of being the character. Other than that, here are the first 10 or 11 titles that came to mind where I want to be the main character.

1. Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson
Except I won't do any of Sloan's stupid dares and I will make plans to rent an apartment with her after high school graduation instead.

2. Keeping the Moon - Sarah Dessen
Of all the settings in all her books, this is the one that stood out most to me, and the main charater's older-girl mentors make me want to be 15 and looking up to them.

3. With a High Heart - Adele de Leeuw
I seriously just want her job: running a Bookmobile in the 1940s.

4. Band Geek Love / Band Geeked Out - Josie Bloss
You rock at band and have a sweet and adoring boyfriend. LET ME MAKE BETTER CHOICES FOR YOU.

5. Everything You Want - Barbara Shoup
She's 18 and her family wins the lottery! I WANT A SHOT AT MANAGING THAT LEVEL OF WEALTH. While not being solely responsible for it.

6. Catch a Falling Star - Kim Culbertson
Who among us would not want to be paid to fake-date a celebrity?? As I said in my review, I'd do it just for the perk of having a professional stylist evaluate my wardrobe.

7. Shopaholic (the series) - Sophie Kinsella
I too would like a rich husband who dotes on me and generally tolerates (despite being annoyed by) my wild shopping habits. Especially since I am capable of shopping on a budget. I would move to England for this.

8. Hoofbeats on the Trail - Vivian Breck
Cannot stress enough how much I want to go on this Sierra Nevada camping trip/hike w/ horses to carry my luggage.

9. Gone-Away Lake
I would happily be either the mother or the daughter discovering this community of abandoned Victorian houses and later buying one to fix up and live in.

10. [this space reserved for when I decide on the best road trip novel; on a related note, I need...a lot more road trip novels that feature 2 girls / best friends together with no extra boys or romance in the car. Do I have any?? Damn]
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