RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Quick Question

I'd rather not bug over there unless I have to, but when it says you can only nominate one story per category in the CSI Fanfic Awards...when it comes to the Romance section (and let's assume I'm only nominating het), does that mean one story *period*, or one story per show, or one story per pairing?  I'm hoping it's the latter (because I really don't want to have to choose between Horatio/Marisol and Horatio/Yelina, among others), but I messed up my noms last year and don't want to get chastised again.  Same question on character studies - can you do multiple ones per series, as long as they're on different characters?

[Edit: Well, after taking way too much time to look it up, it seems that last year I nominated about four different Miami pairings, and that wasn't the part I messed up, so I think it's okay...but I would still like confirmation.]

While I'm on this topic, though, thank you stunt_muppet and whoever else got four of my stories nominated, especially as they are the four stories that I thought/hoped actually had a chance in the ring.  Okay, back to streamlining my own know, I thought this would be easier now that like half of my shortlist is already on the nominees list, but somehow I still have 14 titles here.  Um, wow, that won't look ridiculous AT ALL when nobody else is naming more than about a half-dozen...


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