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Reading a Goodreads blog post entitled "The Romance Trends of 2018," having a good time, and then:

"And they're not all rom-coms either. The heartbreak of missed chances lingers over every page in One Day in December, while the onset of a serious illness shadows the budding romance between a graduate student and a professor in My Oxford Year."

Me: i'm sorry the what the what THE WHAT THE WHAT THE WHAT THE WHAT THE WHAT.

NO BUT SERIOUSLY, WHAT. I have scoured the ends of the earth for an age-appropriate student/teacher romance! Numb3rs hooked me bad and I have been trying for more than a decade to recreate it in literary format! I have also scoured the ends of the earth to find one that has a conflict other than "this power imbalance is So Wrong" and that wasn't just porn loosely tied to a plot! And you're just gonna throw hurt/comfort at me, just out of nowhere? Are you kidding me??

You might be -- for starters, I see you are going with my old standard hatred "casual hookup develops into Something More," ohhhh my godddddd does no one understand what the point of student/teacher romance is. (like do readers really think it is better for people to have one night stands  than to be attracted to each other in a disallowed context? like really? genuine question here)

Also I don't know what Julia Whelan is like as an author, and I very much do not like someone confirming that there are explicit scenes. (I am gonna have to write my own novel if I want it to conform to my whims, aren't I. Ugh. Will someone please make me famous enough to get a book deal complete with ghostwriter?)

So I guess I am super on the fence. But I like the bones of it. Maybe I can check it out of a library and just read the second half.


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