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I literally have less than 100 hours to read 4 books and this is the most backed into a corner I have ever been; I am legit considering going into reading list debt and marking books as read in 2018 if I skim them and then secretly finish as late as January 3rd, in order to hit 100. I have already desperately added in two books that in better years I probably wouldn't have bothered counting, because while they technically handily clear the 100-page minimum I have self-imposed, one is a small book, and they're both children's books so their actual word count is suspect.

I probably could have read 50 pages in the time I've spent today alone trying to figure out which children's books will be quickest to get through this weekend, while also not being too good because I don't want to spoil awesome books by reading them too fast. This is a nightmare! Of my own doing, no less.

Okay. Okay. Quick option ideas so far:
1. Backwater -- Joan Bauer: I am about a chapter in and while this does look like an excellent book, it's slim enough that I dont' think I can ruin it

2. Rules of the Road -- Jaon Bauer: another one I read about a chapter of at some point, again fairly slim

3. That Horse Barney: I REALLY wanted to read this in August; it feels like an August book because of its summer setting, but it is fairly short as far as books-i-own go, and it's middle grade.

4. Dark Horse - Jean Slaughter Doty: one of the few of hers long enough to qualify, and I could still probably bolt it in 90 minutes or less.

5. Annie's Life in Lists: formatted as described, being a middle-grade book this one could probably be sped-read, and it's still 200+ pages so I wouldn't feel bad.

There. I honestly think those are my most feasible options. Don't want to give myself too many choices, so four with an alternate (I could find a second alternate if needed, I'm sure) ought to do it.

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