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The Music of 2018: Quarter 4 (late)

But not as late as 2012's, amirite???

(Previous installment)

91. Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie – Carnival Begin
I want it all
All the sparkling things
A new merry go round
Carnival begin

Brought to me by loveisastate, proof that The Music List recs work sometimes, this is a very dreamy and laid back vibe that sounds kinda like a classic I am only just uncovering. (or maybe it is supposed to sound the opposite; IDK, I really only have Fleetwood Mac's one live reunion album and Old School Solo Stevie Nicks to go off of)

[CD Rec: Sissel, self-titled album (2002)]
Deaf pick from the Half Price Books Clearance Sale because it looked like my kind of music, and this Norwegian singer turned out to be so lovely!

92. Sissel - Sarah's Song
And they knew you were in love
So they sent me down from Heaven above

A beautiful ode to her mother. Second favorite on the CD. There seem to be a few different versions floating around, and they all sound good, but this is the one I've got.

93. Sissel – Can't Go Back
You can't go back to what it never was
To repossess what you never owned

I just really like this message, and the music is laid back and casual.

94. Sissel - Carrier of a Secret
How many mountains must you climb?
How many tears must you cry?
How many seasons must go by
Before you let your secret fly?

Starts kinda slow, but this bridge is really catchy, and it has good messages throughout the lyrics.

95. Sissel - Weightless
And I'm weightless, falling in love

From the opening notes, this music is amazing, and it carries you away through the song. It almost has a kind of...modern-day Celtic feeling? That's what I'm going with. By far my favorite in this set.

96. Sissel - Molde Canticle
An instrumental-with-vocals piece that essentially sounds and functions like a continuation of the above, but also stands well on its own.

97. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – No One Else Is Singing My Song
You tried your best to make a change
But people just think you're strange

The music in this is SO GOOD OMG. A lot of the lyrics also kinda break my heart. And the video is just awesome (if only someone could see, in 11-part harmony!).

98. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Don't Be a Lawyer
The job is inherently crappy
That's why you've never met a lawyer who's happy
It's a guaranteed soul destroyer

I like this song both because it is extremely 90s hip-hop boppy, with fantastic dance moves in the episode clip, and because I agree wholeheartedly with its sentiment, but have never thought of expressing it so cheerfully.

99. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Our Twisted Fate
We are merely pretzels, that is all we are
This woman's obsession with us is frankly quite bizarre

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I promise you need these slightly dreary Sesame-Street-esque puppet pretzels Simon-and-Garfunkeling their way through this ditty. Such haunted-sounding harmonies. Also, so many puns.

100. Lissie – Wild Wild West (Twin Peaks Version)
There's safety in numbers, I guess
But I'm going rogue in the wild, wild west

Boyfriend linked me with “here's a song I think you'd like.” Boyfriend is right! Instant hit.

101. Leighton Meester – Blue Afternoon
I don't mind wasting time
In your eyes, I fall asleep

I randomly checked out a CD of hers and mostly did not click with it, but my ear kept getting caught on the last two – this one because its echoing, rippling chorus was very soothing and vaguely reminded me of Vanessa Carlton's “Blue Pool”...

102. Leighton Meester – Entitled
Shame on you, but shame on me too

...and this one even more, because it just has REALLY catchy music that makes me think of a cityscape at night and a sophisticated woman who should know better. I also like the plinky raindrop-like sound of the bridge into the chorus.

103. Glee Cast (ft. Kevin McHale/Chord Overstreet) – Fire and Rain
I've seen lonely days when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that I'd see you again

Five years late, I finally broke the seal on the songs of the Finn dedication episode (5x03), and as hard as it is to accept any version of this that is not Birdy (I have never heard the original), these guys are doing a pretty good job with the acoustic version.

104. Glee Cast (ft. Mark Salling) – No Surrender
We learned more from a three-minute record
Than we ever learned in school

Just, like, insert that "Diane Keaton looking up from her laptop and crying in anguish" gif. What a good good tribute to a fallen brother/lifelong best friend, gone too soon. Much like Glory Days – in happier times – this type of song just really captures Puck & Finn's friendship.

(as for the other songs from this ep: still can't bear to listen to Rachel's, while the other two [Seasons of Love & If I Die Young] are enjoyable in context but not notably different from or better than the originals, which are very dear to me)

105. Annie Lennox -- Walking on Broken Glass
I'm living in an empty room
With all the windows smashed

Randomly encountered on Spotify's Discover Weekly, this is much jazzier than its sorrowful title would suggest, and it was so addictive right off the bat that I could not say no.

106. Josh Groban – You Have No Idea
All through the night time
Lie here and loop the last time
Thinking 'bout the night you stayed here
You left me helplessly high on you, dear

I was GOING to hold off on hearing his new album 'til I got it for Christmas, but I tripped over this without knowing what it was in a TJ/Cora fanvid (warning: all the Good Cop spoilers) and since it's a bonus track, and I've only ever gotten 1 bonus edition before, I figured it didn't count*. Speaking of that video, I call SUSPECT on him releasing a piney unrequited love song right when he stars as a detective in piney unrequited love. Convenient and amazing, but suspect.

The song itself? Solid easy listening with his gorgeous voice and a lot of orchestral strings.

*ALL RIGHT, ONE MORE PEEK. I didn't mean to! AutoPlay at the library did it!

107. Josh Groban – River
Some days I can't say why I'm feeling lonely
Some days I am too proud to ask for help
And I stumble through the noise
Trying to find some peace
A stranger in the crowd, I lose myself

Listen, if you ever truly want me to pay attention to Depression, this is the only spokesperson you need. Despite its subject matter the chorus is a lot more upbeat than I tend to expect from him, almost jazzy, but there is really nothing he can't do. Except rescue Broadway songs that I truly, truly hate. I have a hard time picking fave lyrics; I have also been using "it's not always as we planned it / but we grow stronger when we break” as my mantra lately.

108. Josh Groban – Granted
The story's yours, go write it
Tomorrow's undecided

I hate that I cannot stop spoiling myself on this album before it is physically in my hands, but...ahhh, there's the second-person inspirational encouragement song I have come to rely on him for. I thought it was an odd departure from style to promote "River" as the first single.

*does an immediate and EXTREME 180 on maturity*

109. Cardi B – I Like It
Told that bitch I'm sorry, though
'Bout my coins like Mario

Cardi B is by far the trashiest* person to make this list since “Lady” of “Twerk It” (a song I still listen to, so that was a good and righteous self-shame I did when I put that on the list, but also means I have to include this). But the sample of “I Like It Like That” (a beloved song from my dance recital days!) that played incessantly on the YouTube ads I couldn't escape at the wormed into my brain after 6 hours or so, and I ended up playing the full song of hers to hear it. For a damn hour straight, even though it contains both cursing and a slur I can't sing along with, because her wildly thick accent is that addictive in song I guess??

*and I don't even mean like "she is a bad person," but like I don't even...have...the words to describe the sheer lack of culture and social grace / awareness of polite manners that envelopes her, on top of really not seeming like she would win any academic scholarships. Who in the world decided to make her famous and why.

*does a 180 back*

110. Boygenius – Me and My Dog
I wish I was on a spaceship
Just me and my dog and an impossible view

This title lies, as this is the only part that mentions a dog, but WOW does this song go from sweet to "super sad song about post-breakup devastation" so quick it tends to catch me off guard and make me cry (I never said I'd be all right / just thought I could hold myself together). Of note: boygenius includes zero boys and is instead composed of 3 singer-songwriters: Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers.

(I can't seem to find a non-live performance on YouTube, so this is what you get, but I fell for the regular EP version available on Spotify)

111. Boygenius - Souvenir
Dreamcatcher in the rearview mirror
Hasn’t caught a thing yet
Twenty dollars in souvenirs
Anything’s worth trying

This one has a somewhat sad sound too, but mostly it is a bunch of cool imagery that starts off making me think of Southwestern novels about women striking out on their own.
Of note: the whole EP is worth hearing, I think -- and comes on a rec from boyfriend, who went to their concert recently -- but these two just stand out so far above.

112. Avril Lavigne – What The Hell
So what if I go out on a million dates?
You never call or listen to me anyway

This is a shallow, immature song full of her apparently now trademark clapping and chant-shouting, but damned if it isn't kind of addictive. The music video is super cute, okay! I played it on loop for half an hour one day when I got the title line from the chorus (and her cadence while singing it) stuck in my head because it was how I felt about work.


113. Josh Groban – Symphony
I'm out here chasing the dream
Living up to all that I'm supposed to be
Missing out on the one
Who means the most to me

Backstory: No, still not Christmas. I held out approximately 3 weeks and absolutely could not stop myself sampling one more. I picked this one so that I've got the first three on the album, at least, so I won't get used to hearing them in the wrong order. (they're in the wrong order on here, but I have corrected it on my Spotify playlist)

So, this absolutely does not feel like a Groban song – starting with my LMAO response at the notion of this guy having a faithful woman ever at his side, and ending with how stripped down it is; my first thought is that it feels like it could have been given to any random male solo artist...for whom it would be quite a coup, were I not expecting majesty – but its lyrics are quite good, so combined with his voice, who am I to resist this fantasy world. The more I play it the more I love it.

Final note: I did get his album -- bonus edition and all! -- for Christmas, but I have yet to hear it because I want to be in the right mindset to really bask in it and do my traditional writeup of first impressions in my handwritten journal and all that. So we'll have to wait for The Music of 2019 to see what else bends my ear.

114. The Katherines – Ultra Violet
Doesn't matter that you and I just met
I'm not ready to let you go just yet

Finally tuned in to Spotify's Discover Weekly again and this hit me like a punch to the face, all, “CHRISTIAN/GABBY [Survivor] THEME SONG Y/Y?” See also: me + the entire amazing Survivor cast this season, whose social media accounts are currently more entertaining to me than scripted television.

115. The Band Perry – Stay In the Dark
Lately, things been getting so crazy
I'm feeling like my heart hates me
It's racing
I just wanna stay in the dark

I could never bring myself to purposely listen to any more of this band's work after “If I Die Young” shattered me forever, but it sneaked up on me via Discover Weekly. I had no idea what any of the lyrics were before I posted this today so I cannot be held responsible for any scandalous sexy nonsense they may reference; I let the sound of the music and the trusted nature of this band carry me away until it was embedded in my regular playlist. I will say this definitely sounds like a radio hit, though.

116. The Band Camino – My Thoughts On You
Give me 'til twenty-three, I need another year for this
Trying to teach my common sense to not waver with my confidence

Honestly, I did not expect a dude band to get through, but they did (by accident), bending my ear with all manner of intriguing, mournful, complex lyrics, starting with this one.

117. Brynn Elliot – Might Not Like Me
Get over yourself, it’s no big deal
If I run a little faster than you on the playground

A nice, sassy song about how boys who don't dig girls who are better than them at things can kiss off, unless they would like to adjust their attitude. (or as a commenter put it better: It’s not a slap to one’s ex as much as it’s a cheeky reminder that – “Hey, maybe it’s not my fault that I’m so awesome.”)

118. Sarah Soloway – Rough Draft
No need to like me or love me today
But all these pieces and parts of me
Could be something larger than me one day

I gotta tell you, this is a pretty unique relationship metaphor, and I kind of love it just for that, but also the music is pretty neat and echo-y in the chorus (and one day, the real thing might blow you away).

119. RaeLynn – Love Triangle
And some mommas and daddies
Ran outta love in '94
And some mommas and daddies
Don’t even talk no more

My first thought was that there was too much Southern twang for me, but the album thumbnail on Spotify had her holding a beautiful horse's lead rope, so I had to stick it out. And by the time it had filtered through my consciousness a few times, I had this beautiful, heartbreaking story about being the child of divorced parents. Which is an impressive new take on the definition of “love triangle,” I gotta tell you.

120. Jessica Andrews – Who I Am
I am Rosemary's granddaughter
The spitting image of my father
And when the day is done my mama's still my biggest fan

A wonderful song about being proud of/comfortable with are. Country-flavored.

121. Lauren Alaina -- Road Less Traveled
History gets made when you're acting the fool

Honestly her name and photo made me want to listen to this, but it was this lyric that sounded super cool to me, despite being the antithesis of my beliefs. Fun and fast-paced country.

P.S. In related news: are you kidding me, she stars in a same-titled rom-com of a movie? GIVE IT TO ME.

P.P.S. HAHAHA apparently she was the runner up on American Idol some year. What a relevant show it became in its old age! WAIT NO WAIT. I thought her name vaguely rang some bells! She lost to Scotty McCreery, Wikipedia says; I still watched few episodes that year (2011) and Past Me actually had a thing to say about her!! "I can't believe I actually like all of the final 3. The last awful person went home last week (STILL CHEERING), and now we are left with Scotty The Secretly 25-Year-Old, country crooner; Lauren the Vivacious Personality, budding country star; and Haley of the Perfect Hair."

122. The Wailin' Jennys - Wildflowers
You belong somewhere you feel free

A simply arranged and lovely folk-music type sound. Banjo, guitar, violin? Amazing female harmonies. Was not aware this was a Tom Petty cover until just now but I still guarantee you they are better.

123. May Erlewine – Never One Thing
I'm a street fighter, I'm a prayer for peace
I'm a holy roller, I'm a honeybee

She literally wrote this as the song version of “I contain multitudes.” How cool is that.

124. John Palen - The Story of JT
Stephen was his best friend
So he made a big show of taking him to the end
The warrior played the hearts of that jury

Oh my goddddd, my delight at having another song about a Survivor contestant in existence! Let alone one of my all time faves (from legendary season Tocantins, originally!), presented with just a solo singer + guitar. This truly is a perfect summation of his Survivor career. Nothing has ever made me want to learn how to do fanvids more than my desire to give this song proper visuals.

125. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend soundtrack -- What You Missed While You Were Popular
The biggest thing you missed while you were having a good time
Is experiencing shame, misery and depression for the very first time

What a cracktastic delight. Featuring: amazing dancing! The Eerie Arty Goth Girls are by far the best, though.
P.S. What the damn hell, when did Josh get attractive. What is going on with his look here. Did he lose weight I didn't know he had to lose? Is it just my weakness for black V-necks? Suddenly he looks six inches taller and seems like he has a more defined jaw than ever before. *thinking emoji*

Rachel Bloom - Ladyboss (hashtag #LadyBossTips): I would rec it wholeheartedly, but I don't like the cursing so I don't sing it too often. Also it's weird how it falls apart into talking at the end. But still. A good pep talk for any woman in the workplace, really, boss or not.

Rachel Bloom - I Was A Mermaid (and now I'm a pop star!): I am not a fan of the operatic Poseidon & Company interlude, but I am totally here for what looks like Mermaid Lindsay Lohan (glad to be out, of, that white-trash ocean ghetto!)

Rachel Bloom – I Steal Pets: An AutoTune delight that is pretty much is what it sounds like. I can sympathize. (pets aren't yours, pets are mine!) Probably my favorite of the bunch, but not quiiiite enough to rec as a proper number because the super-high bridge is kinda dull, though the chorus is amazing. To be fair, there is also, in case you are not one of what I am assuming are many people who saw this on College Humour, dated language that even you would find offensive. I can't believe how young she looks, though!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend soundtrack - How To Clean Up: it's not really a full song. But it IS the most hilarious 40 seconds of "i did not ask to be called out like this" the show has ever done to me.

♫If you see something that's not where it belongs
Just pick it up, and put it where it belongs!♫

"OK? And just keep doing that until the whole room is clean."
Onward to 2019!
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