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Most Anticipated Books For the First Half of 2019

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I saw this topic coming up, and of course my reaction was all, "Whatchu talkin' bout, anticipated releases?? I don't know what the hip new releases are! How would I know that! Why would I need or want to know that when I have an infinite backlog of books that already exist and can be requested for free in non-ARC form at a moment's notice, if not just taken right off my own bookshelves?"...but then on the very same blog where this question was posed, I found one.

However, it proved too stressful and FOMO-y to look for more, so this list has 1-2 outliers, depending how you count, and then I decided to modify the topic to include "books I have just at this moment requested from Interlibrary Loan and am very excited to see arrive on the requst shelf for me."

tiny bittys

1. The Girl He Used to Know - Tracey Garvis-Graves
I've read all I care to her from her current collection, but I've never been disappointed in a romance I've tried from her. And this new one? It rings a lot of exciting bells, including: nerdy guy, shy and anxious English major girl (turned librarian!), college sweethearts, and hit-or-miss-but-today-I-think-hit option of second-chance romance, mostly because of yet another exciting bell about "unforeseen tragedy" forcing them apart in the first place.

Expected publication: April 2nd 2019

2. The Girl With The Broken Heart - Lurlene McDaniel
I can't tell if this supposed to be adult or YA, because it looks like NA but I can't imagine Lurlene McDaniel would do me wrong with explicit scenes after all this time. And I could not be more hype about a hurt/comfort novel (from the Queen herself!) combined with animals, especially because at 288 pages and with college-age characters, I imagine its reading level is higher than her work used to be.

Expected publication: December 27, 2018, but most libraries in state still have it listed as in-cataloging if they have ordered it at all -- my local counties have not, alas, which means I gotta wait for it to age up before I can start requesting it via ILL. They do not like it when you ask for shiny new books that their own patrons whose taxes paid for it have not had a chance to get at yet.

3. Trafficked - Kim Purcell
A topic I have not seen done in YA -- domestic servitude as opposed to the prostitution kind of trafficking -- and a source of endless fascination to me as to how it could happen.

4. The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls - Emilie Autumn
I added this when I (painstakingly, for lack of knowing what keywords to use) searched up a list of books with unusual formatting, visual interest, interactive components, etc., based on only my vague knowledge of her as an artist and loving her CD "Enchant." I'm not sure what to expect; the Goodreads reviews are all over the place and I didn't let myself look for any interior pictures, but the version I'm getting my hands on looks like the newest edition (2017), and I'm intrigued.

5. The Secrets of Pistoulet - Jana Fayne Kolpen
Added with the above because "Part fiction, part cookbook, this richly illustrated book is reminiscent of the popular Griffin and Sabine, with its collection of letters to be removed from envelopes, and recipes tucked into their own little pockets. Drawings, photographs, snippets of diaries, and mysterious maps decorate this tale of Mademoiselle J." YES! That is exactly what I want.

The Pull of Gravity - Gae Polisner
This came up as a Goodreads rec after In Real Life, and much like that book, it kinda sounds like something I might be able to mentally cast Survivor people, High School AU version, in. At the very least, maybe I'll get a rare Quality Teen Male protagonist!

And that is all the more I dare to list, because I already have no fewer than 22 other books checked out of the library right now -- not all of them will be finished; some are just books to browse and others will be returned, as I merely collected everything I could toward the end of December to ensure I could suit any reading mood if and when I had time to finish off my reading challenge, and now that I have them I am stubborn and won't let go until I have maxed out my renewals -- and those plus this set shuld keep me occupied well into if not THROUGH February.
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