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Thrift Shopping on a Saturday Night

Today I found season 1 of Friday Night Lights on DVD at the dollar store, and I was like, "All right." Odds of me watching it remain low, but that is literally the best deal it is possible to get on it, and now if the mood ever strikes me, it's at my fingertips.

And then I took off to the same citywhere I went to the library a couple nights ago, because I could.

Stop 1: Savers
I bought:
1. A novelization of October Baby, because NOBODY LOVES MOVIE NOVELIZATIONS LIKE I LOVE THEM, and a perusal through it confirmed it was pretty good at masquerading as an ordinary novel that the movie might well have been based on, and more importantly, the two shippy scenes I most wanted a literary approximation of delivered. It was $3.49, which is ridiculous for a paperback, but I had a need for this to be in my hands and I have not seen it anywhere else in its 8 years of existence, so. (now watch it crop up at two church sales and a garage sale this year)

2. A really fun and brightly colored spiral-bound budget planner. Love it! $3 was kind of expensive, but it is something I have been vaguely wanting, and it is so pretty.

3. A pretty little necklace + ring in a box for $1.50, which I suspect are child's size, but if so I have absolutely no problem using them for My Little Ponies instead.

Did Not Buy:
-Candace Cameron Bure's 2017(!) book Staying Stylish, because I love her and it looked enjoyable, but not $5 + tax worth of enjoyable.
-A $3 travel journal, which I like the idea of -- just to record random trips like this! -- but which was not very attractive, brown paper cover with an airplane illustration
-Emily Osment CD "Fight or Flight," because way too many thrift stores sell CDs at a dollar now, and this is was two dollars. (I might regret this now. Maybe I should have bought it instead of the necklace. It's just that the little box that thing came in was so cute and looked like a subscription box trinket, which you may have noticed I am obsessed with.)
-Any of the so damn many baggies with G3 My Little Ponies in them, taunting me for not being G1.

Stop 2: Marshalls
Grand old time looking around here too, though I struck out at finding a Fancy Planner for my mom like I did last year. I did, however, find many clearance scores, such as:
-Nice pair of underwear, $2
-Large-size English chocolate bar, $1
-English (Molly Green) Christmas Pudding Fudge, $1 (which in retrospect: might be terrible. oh well.)

Did Not Buy:
-A small leather-bound (or leather-like) notebook my mom might like for $3
-A string of translucent/pink glitter mini clothespins and string lights for $3 (I want them so bad. I love their aesthetic so much. It was so much cheaper than their usual price of $7-10. Will I realistically use them? No.)

I wish I'd left a little earlier, because by the time I pushed myself out the door it was already 6, so with the dollar store stop to get pop, I ran out of time to stop at Barnes & Noble, but I still had fun. (and honestly, do I need more book titles on my TBR? No. But I was mostly gonna go there to look for a Fancy Planner, but there is one by our house too and unlike Marshalls, stock does not vary greatly from one location to the next)
Tags: life, thrifty shopping

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