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EVERY JANUARY, this show explodes out of a cannon. (and I love it)

Me: Oh man, the second episode of Hawaii Five-0 was SO GOOD this year and so was the third one's beginning, but I kept watching it last thing at night and falling asleep before I finished it, and oh crap now it's six weeks later and the third ep is no longer available. I don't want to miss anything so long story short I think I will probably have to just save this season for the DVD.

This show: Hey, so our first January episode is about Grace getting into a serious car accident and --


Review: I did my best to skip over the Tani scenes so as not to be too spoiled yet on what's up w/ her brother or why Detective Murdervenge (last seen going back to the mainland to be with his wife, and DEFINITELY NOT HAVING MARITAL PROBLEMS PROBABLY) is back on the job, which stinks because I love her SO SO MUCH and miss seeing her, but fortunately there was enough Family Hospital Time to lessen the blow of that loss.

Thank you for sequestering Danny (and Rachel!) in a waiting room the whole time, leaving the investigation to others. Thank you for that random mutual temple kissing and snuggliness between them, as well as some hashing out of grievances. Thank you for having Steve fly into the hospital and wrap them both in support hugs ASAP at the beginning (and also join in on the 3-way relief hugging at the end, because clearly there are three parents in this family). Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the other kid for a bit of extra parenting time. Thank you for the Steve & Danny moment of them just sitting in the hallway side by side, nothing left to do but worry and wait. There was a knee pat in there, wasn't there?

I loved that instead of there being some kind of Big Bad Car Sabotage cause, the crash really WAS due to Grace driving too fast (Angry Dad is Angrily Justified!) -- but out of fear, not recklessness. And not fear of some seasoned professional criminal targeting her because of her parentage, but fear of the threat posed by an angry, unpredictable young man who doesn't want to hear "no" from the hot girl. It's so mundane for this high-octane out-of-control world that it stood out.

That said, I definitely appreciated Steve going Scary As Hell Protective Uncle on that guy, and explicitly stating his role in the family as the reason.

The ending was way too easy especially after the mid-episode "lol random surgical emergency" (because of course that had to be thrown in. in order to facilitate more despair hugging!), but I don't even care (take the fanfic and make it darker I mean what. who said that). Not if it gets me a cute welcome-home party with Rachel talking about her and Danny's first date, Tani's brother being welcomed into the weird wild H50 family, and everyone loving up on Grace.

Other Thoughts
-I still can't get over Grace being 18 already. How did that even happen. I know the math works out, but still. I remain grateful that the actress has been on board to retain her on-call role all this time. All those old photos -- some of which look like and I really hope are behind-the-scenes shots -- in the graduation montage made my life.

(speaking of which: Danny grumbling that there are more probably more photos including Steve than him in that montage was excellent)

-One thing I am not looking forward to about catching up: DANNY YOUR HAIR. WHAT. WHAT IS THAT NASTY BUSINESS. We just fixed Steve's hair after what felt like one eternity, and now you throw this at me? Do you know how much harder it was to wring shippy glee out of what should have been an absolute field day as a result?

-I really liked Progressively Angrier and Scarier Chi McBride (whatever his character name is) chewing out the Mean Girl for her role gossiping about/spreading around the other girl's sext.

-Has Rachel's hair always been like this? Because the whole time I was watching I had this maddening sensation that I was looking at Anna Belknap with her facial features just slightly altered in moving Photoshop and it was disconcerting. I don't remember associating them that hard before.
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