RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Not that I get paid to promote ThriftBooks, but

their instant alert just notified me of a copy of Bonny's Boy Returns for sale at $4, a book which is $20+ anywhere else, and it was bought and paid for in less than three hours from notification. GUESS WHO'S FINALLY GONNA GET TO READ HER SEQUEL (and find out what its plot is / put said information on the internet). I would have deliberated longer over "condition: good," but it has been on my wishlist for over 2 years with no bargains in sight, and I can't even ILL-request it.

While I was there, I also nabbed a "like new" copy of Thief of Happy Endings for $5 (omg wtf, this was literally only released 7 months ago!), so good day all around. (I would put money on this book being released in paperback with a different / more attractive cover that includes a horse, but to quote whiny Homer Simpson, "I want it nooooooow!")

[edit: sonofabitch, i got an ARC. I DON'T WANT YOUR GARBAGE UNCORRECTED PROOF, I WANT A REAL BOOK. But I can't dispute it because I can't say for SURE that I double checked to make sure it said the format was hardcover rather than paperback. I think that I would have noticed if it had said paperback, but in my excitement and determination to make sure I didn't lose the dog bok -- IDK why I think there would suddenly be competition, but I was nervous -- I am not sure how much attention I was paying.]

And then it was $2 for shipping or $4 for another book so I think you can guess which option I chose, justifying to myself that if I saw this same book at Half Price I wouldn't hesitate to buy it for $2, so I'd end up spending $4 out of pocket either way, but this way I could have the book now. So after a hasty perusal of my $4 options cross-referenced with my wishlist, I ended up going with Songs for a Teenage Nomad, which in retrospect was probably not the max value for my buck -- as a YA paperback, there is still a reasonable chance I could find it for $1 with or without tax, even if it has been 6 years without running across it in the wild -- but that's also a book I've wanted real bad since I read it and wish multiple times per year that I could flip through, so I have chosen to regret nothing.

P.S. Please remind me that I need to go to back to Arc's Value Village on Monday, when media is half price, and pick up a Thoroughbred book.
Tags: books, thrifty shopping

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