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Le Shoppings

I went out to 2 thrift stores for the MLK Day sales -- I had planned on more, but I was working this weekend so I didn't really realize it was Monday until almost 6 pm -- only to realize after about 5 minutes of halfhearted clothing browsing in each one that I have no motivation to clothes-shop until I am at a more comfortable weight. It was very discouraging, until I immediately cheered up upon realizing this gave me free rein to spend that money in other areas instead, and so, I came home with:

(all plus 7.9% sales tax)

1. 1980s My Little Pony - Gingerbread - $2
(my beloved twinkle-eyed childhood fave that my friend lost!!)
This was more exciting until I got home, ripped her out of the plastic bag she was in with a couple of other garbage toys, and realized...oh. I did not check carefully enough, and this Gingerbread is both hard as a rock from lost plasticizer, and has some worrisome discoloration on her forehead that I HOPE is just dirt but feels crushingly like it might be pony cancer, and if it is she will have to be sent away again to avoid contaminating the other ponies. :( I JUST WANT MY GINGERBREAD.

2. The Long Journey - Barbara Corcoran - $1.75
Old horse book!! Well, 1970 horse book. But still, from a good author. And I was just so excited to see a decent old(er) book there.

3. Women's Health magazine - April 2013 - 50 cents
Because it has Kat McPhee on the cover! And also because there's just something really wonderful about having a fun magazine in your hands, no matter how old it is, but for something we literally throw away (recycle), they are wildly and stupidly expensive unless ordered via subscription or found at a garage sale. I always love those "women's care packages" people post online as suggestions to put together for a friend who needs a pick-me-up -- or, you know, to treat yoself -- and they always suggest a magazine or two.

4. A grab bag of various sheets of stickers, including some very cute horses - 75 cents

5. Three Four CDs, 75 cents each
-Plumb, Chaotic Resolve (still sealed in original plastic wrapper!): I only know 1 song on here, but I tend to like Plumb music
-POTC: At World's End soundtrack
-Alison Scott, Wish On the Moon (deaf pick, but how can one go wrong at 75 cents)
-Deluxe Edition of Taylor Swift's "Red." I am pretty attached to the original version and not sure I want 3 new tracks + 3 alternate versions of the first three tracks when "Begin Again" is such a nice closer, but at this price, how could I say no to the option.

6. A travel journal, 60 cents
(much better than the $3 or $4 one I turned down a couple weeks back!)

I did also see the Thoroughbred book I mentioned last week, but then I realized it was just from the Young Ashleigh collection (preseries) and decided I didn't need to own it right now after all.

As it turned out, EVERYTHING in both stores was half off -- usually it's only the clothing at chain thrift stores -- which is how I got the crazy good deals above. I was honestly thinking the original prices were decent, so getting to the register and finding a price in the single digits was incredible.
Tags: thrifty shopping

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