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Fun Facts About 2000s Music (RS Edition)

After watching a zillion "do teens know 2000s musics?" videos on the React channel, I have concluded that it's weirdly difficult for me to talk about "2000s music" as a whole, because it is clearly delineated by the following categories:

2000-2004: Classics of my Youth, As Iconic as 90s Music
2005-2006: Twilight Transition Zone (some ring the same bell as the classics, others feel very modern)
2007-2009: Thoroughly Modern Nonsense, Basically Same Era As 2018, Literally Pains Me To Accept These Are Classified The Same Way As 2001 Songs To Most People

These correspond with: high school, first two years of college, and "half in college, half at home as an adult" (back and forth, thanks to the semester off)

In related news, 90s music can be divided into:
1990-1994: Ancient Musical History
1995-1996: Pre-Classics (feels like the same era as the next one, but I still know they debuted on the radio before I got there)
1997-1999: Classics Of My Middle School Youth

(but at least I still feel okay describing "90s music" as all generally good)

P.S. I am going to sue the makers of this 2000s Clips Sporcle quiz for tricking me into falling in love with this really pleasant song snippet, only to find out it's called "Teenage Dirtbag" and that despite my valiant attempts to give the full song the benefit of the doubt, it is garbage befitting of its title. WHYYYY. HOW DARE YOU. Someone please steal this melody and change the chorus and lyrics into something palatable on acoustic guitar. You can even keep it a Nice Guy (TM) song if you want. Just make it pleasant to listen to. I cannot be eteranlly taunted with "She doesn't know who I am / and she doesn't give a damn about me" with NOTHING ELSE GOOD ABOUT IT.
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