RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

On the downside: I was SUPER EXCITED when I saw (90s) Littlest Pet Shops at an estate sale nearby online, because a) those do not appear too often in person, and b) that is like the one toy of my childhood that is not usually inflated to stupid prices as a Kool Kollectible...but I did not arrange car access with my dad right to go on Day 1, and even though I got there 3 minutes past opening on day 2, they were of course gone. *sigh* At least I got to look at a cool fancy house, though. A million-dollar home built to order for a doctor in 1995, set deep within a nice wooded lot on 5 acres.

On the upside: on the way home, I swung by another estate sale that just started today, circled the stupid narrow snowy back road THREE TIMES trying to find a decent space within a quarter mile to park -- I don't even know why, because this one was in a crappy 70s rambler and absolutely nothing in any of the pictures online looked appealing at all, except that I haven't been to enough estate sales lately and I was hoping for a shot at office supplies or something -- and I was 90% done with the House of Nothing when lo and behold, just sitting out there in the living room were a pair of G1 My Little Ponies. PONIES!!! They were of course inflated to stupid prices, and one of them (Moonstone) was not worth it but the other was, so now Princess Serena -- my first Princess Pony, I think -- is mine. And she came with a hat! Not sure if official Ponywear or handmade, but a nice bonus either way.

Tags: estate sales
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