RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Va', pensiero, sull'ali dorate...

I cannot BELIEVE my dumb ass, knowing it was coming up soon!!, managed to miss the airing of possibly my all-time favorite Cold Case episode (Triple Threat) by three days. At least YouTube still has my favorite song? And a few more clips besides. Also, wow, I do not remember crying so much over the endings to these episodes, but I keep turning into a weepy mess when the symbolic ghosts nod their approval and fade away.

Is it because I have now consumed one thousand real cold case murder stories and it just feels so good to consistently see variations where things are always solved and the guilty person is almost always still alive and able to be punished? Or is it just the music manipulating me, now that I'm actually watching the endings and not just going "ah, we've hit the music montage. Show's over," and tuning out early?

Also good lord, I had forgotten how well this show established time periods in their flashbacks. Hell of a costume & set design/decorating department.
Tags: cold case

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