RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Proven Innocent

a.k.a. hey I watched a thing I said I was gonna watch!!

When even was the last time I watched a FOX show? When I accidentally gave up on Glee in 2014? First things first, even though it makes me wait 8 days after airing, the FOX player seems way friendlier than the one on CBS. Feels like fewer commercial breaks. Like, at one point I thought maybe my AdBlock was in play.

SECOND: this show is WAY more addictive than I expected it to be. I sincerely went in thinking it was going to be treacly, saccharine nonsense that I would at best tolerate for Rachelle LeFevre's face. Instead, I am totally and completely invested in Madeline Scott, both in the present day and as her younger self.

I see we're gonna slowly dole out What Happened That Night in flashbacks over the course of the series, and honestly, I'm here for it. The younger version of Madeline has the most heartbreaking face. The murder case itself is also heartbreaking. Every moment where Rosemary is still alive and they're hanging out together makes me weep and wish this show was just a normal high school show set in the late 90s.

And every time they flash on her body, I feel like someone ripped my heart out of my chest. This is Cold Case on speed as far as the awful amount of emotions it wrings from me (probably at least in part because I spent half of 2018 reading entirely too much true crime and/or cold case stories). The loss is palpable and I hate it!

I feel the same way about Levi as I do about Madeline, and you know how hard it is for me to sympathize with addicts. Love him in the past day, feel sorry for him in the present, and absolutely love the sibling bond because it reminds me very much of Tru Calling. ALSO, I like her parents, so all the family stuff is on point.

Other thoughts after 2 episodes:

  • MADELINE HAS A DOG. THAT SHE STOLE FROM A NO-GOOD MURDERER. And he is a big dark fluffy Shepherd-type dog and I LOVE THIS.

  • Oop @ me who fell for the dashing (and soon implied to be scummy) journalist friend.

  • Rachelle is still so pretty I want 2 cry. I keep waiting for the tragic day she will get tired of having long red waves and get a haircut and it keeps NOT HAPPENING and I am just so so so thankful.

  • For real, nobody commands a screen presence like her.

  • I feel like it would be more interesting if Kelsey Grammer's character weren't quite such a mustache-twirling villain? I just watch way too many crime shows to be like "no sure, law enforcement definitely cares more about putting a culprit in jail than ensuring it's the right one."

  • I am largely neutral about Madeline's coworkers thus far, but far more entertained by the witness locator than I should ever be by such a Boring Average Guy. Between his wisecracks and his awfsome disguises, I have to admit he makes me laugh.

  • I have no idea how to judge Friday night ratings on FOX but I feel like a .5 demo/3 million is not a lot to premiere at. This show is totally gonna run one short season and end on a cliffhanger, isn't it.

  • Edit: "the network’s lowest-rated premiere of the season so far, tying with ABC’s “Speechless” as Friday’s lowest-rated scripted original. It also suffered a considerable drop from its “Last Man Standing” lead-in." Sounds bad, man.

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