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Things That Made Me Happy Today

I. Today (yesterday, now) was basically my one day this week without snow or stupid cold temperatures, so after two hours of waffling I forced myself out the door to visit the thrift store with Half Price Media Mondays. I only ended up getting one half price thing, but I found something even better, so it was a good trip all around!

1. The Dawson's Creek soundtrack, 75 cents.
I was hoping to find a cheap CD to take a chance on because I'm going to need something new and entertaining to listen to once my commute for the night job starts, and this worked. Honestly, I grabbed it with only a cursory glance at the track list before deciding, “eh, 90s music suitable for a WB teen show, seems like my wheelhouse,” only to get home and find out it includes Heather Nova’s “London Rain,” a.k.a. a song I have been trying to get my hands on for months!

2. A grab bag of blank books / mini notebooks for $2.50. 
It looked good even when peering into the plastic, but when I ripped it open, I was so delighted I almost wanted to give it to Mom to wrap up for me as a birthday present, because that's exactly what pulling out all these treasures felt like. Like I'd scored some kind of leftover stationary subscription box. I almost could not have put together a better set than this --

  • Small, slim blank book that looks handmade -- soft floral-pattern cloth cover, blank pages made of that papyrus-y material

  • Even smaller but very thick notepad with a London theme, pages patterned the same as the cover, that snaps closed with a magnetic cover -- here it is! Molly and Rex, $4 retail

  • A set of 8 blank cards from Michaels that say "rest a minute" on the front, with a sketch of a chair. IDK what kind of card you'd write with that, but it's cute!

  • A 60-sheet "shopping list" pad with the most darling pantry illustrations in the border

  • A magnetic shopping list pad with an equally darling fruit illustration

  • Address book, probable freebie, from a possibly defunct credit union whose original address is about two blocks from this thrift store and currently an empty lot, BUT its cover is this most beautiful, soft, iron gray suede-like material??

  • Some darling foldover cards -- IDK how to describe them, but they're trifold and slightly thicker paper so that if you aren't too worried about privacy, you write a long letter on one side, then fold it up and stamp it / put your address on the outside without needing an envelope. Comes with flower stickers to match the background and seal them.

3. A bonus grab bag because it was half price due to the tag color, so $1.25. Not sure this one was worth it, but honestly, the bag above is easily worth $4, so let's call it the cost of surprise. Toy companies are making bank on that these days.

  • Some children's stencils -- meh, redonate

  • A T-bar straight edge? stamped from Harley Design Co in CA -- redonate, probably

  • Couple pads of Post-Its, always useful

  • A mini top-spiral-bound notepad with attached pen in an elastic binder on the front -- also useful

  • An 80-sheet, lined blank journal -- not the most gorgeous cover, some lillies and fruit in a goblet, but I like having a wide variety of blank books available. This is one I won't be afraid to waste by writing something in it!

  • An intriguing handmade blank book -- two creamy covers that are connected accordion-style with black paper pages

Things I Did Not Buy
1. The final and most recent Land of Stories hardcover -- 2017!! -- which could have been mine for $2, but even as I know it will be a while before I find it at that price again, I don't really have room to store books I am years away from reading, since I still haven't touched book 1, so waiting shouldn't be an issue. Plus it has a child's name scrawled on the end page. Why settle for that.

2. A very vintage-looking aluminum cake decorator -- ["Mirro cake decorator" + vintage] ought to bring up what it looks like, seems to be 50s or 60s -- with all accompanying tips and original instructions, loose inside the box it was mailed in directly to the customer from General Mills.

II. Also, I bought dried / shredded squid because
a) I was really craving beef jerky but I refuse to pay non-Aldi prices for it and Aldi was closed, and
b) I went to Noodles & Co. last night and I LOVE THEIR FOOD so I was in the Asian food section of the grocery store for like 30 minutes trying to find the right ingredients to make pan noodles / pad thai at home.

FACTS: although it does have a noticeable seafood scent when first opened, it dissipates quickly. Also, it's super chewy and super flavorful (probably due to excess sugar and sodium both, but let's ignore that), and the end result is that it's more satisfying and filling than beef jerky, so two ounces lasts longer than three ounces of beef jerky -- at nearly half the price. Pretty hefty cholesterol punch, though -- roughly 50% of the recommended daily max in each ounce.
Tags: food, thrifty shopping

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