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Edge of Exinction Survivor, Week 2

This week I learned that Chris seems like he might have a nice face, kind of a BJ Novak look when his neck doesn't seem so thick, but also he has the second worst tattoo -- maybe the worst, as it looks much more like a skin infection, whereas the peacock colors just look like Gavin's trying to attract mates the way a bird does. Also I had to suffer through excruciating "looking stupid is fun!" dancing* (I don't hate kumbayah Survivor, but I will happily agree with Aubry when it refers to this).

*that said I very distinctly remember a video Malcolm posted of a possibly-drunk Aubry dancing very much like this, so not sure she has the same leg to stand on that I would

And it still wasn't as bad as The Endless Freakin' Idol Hunting scenes. I'm starting to hate those more than Tribal Council. It is BORING. I don't CARE. Plus they're often talking strategy while they do so, ugh. SHOW ME CAMP LIFE AND NORMAL HUMAN BONDING. That doesn't involve dancing. Or the editors putting Aubry on blast.

I did enjoy the return of the haul-a-heavy-snake-up-and-over-a-water-cage challenge + tossing rings on "I M M U N I T Y" oars from Game Changers, because who could forget that epic JT versus Malcolm showdown. (spoiler alert: this one was way less epic, though Kama / Yellow tribe held up their end well with a Joe + Eric feature)

I remain unsure about Extinction Island. It is not, actually, that much fun to watch a single castaway be miserable and alone.

Lastly, I am glad Keith was voted out. I don't understand why his decision of what to do had to be a cliffhanger, but I'm guessing it's so that they can surprise us alongside Reem with an opening scene next week of him arriving to the island.

Wow that is a lot of words for how bored I was. I almost wish Kama was losing just so I could SEE THEM. My patience is nil. I know the first 3-4 episodes of any given season are usually uninspiring, but I have been rewatching entire seasons in 2-day periods here, okay, this whole 1-a-week thing is not workin' for me. Not even with delicious supplemental Fishbach podcasts.

[P.S. I would like to pay one more objectifying compliment to Chris, which is that a certain Tumblr user made a gifset that is validly tagged NSFW despite lack of nudity, and my sole comment is that I briefly blacked out looking at it.]
Tags: survivor, tv commentary
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