RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Had a chance to watch Cold Case again today -- "The Letter" -- and WOW do I wish I had not. I got way too attached to the victim and even if I hadn't, that is maybe the worst confession / flashback to the murder that I have ever seen. AWFUL. Do not recommend. Churned my stomach so bad I had to bury my nose in a book and couldn't finish watching.

However, remind me to watch on Monday because it's "The Boy in the Box" and that is still maybe one of the most haunting episodes of any crime show I've ever seen. (I also hope that in my lifetime, the real cold case it's based on will be solved, or at least that the boy will be identified, because reality haunts me more than the episode)
In other news, Jeopardy is doing some kind of Team of Champions tournament where they bring back former high rollers to captain other big name players, in teams of 3 so a different person plays each round of each game; yada yada yada, KEN JENNINGS IS BACK ON MY GAME SHOW SCREEN JUST LIKE YE OLDE FRESHMAN DAYES OF COLLEGE and I am euphoric.
Tags: cold case, game shows

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