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Edge of Extinction, Week 3

Last week was a terrible mess of CRINGE FACTOR. Wendy's attitude was pretty much what mine is, and definitely how I would have behaved on Survivor at her age (no, I'm not a vegetarian back home, but rejecting long-dead and cooked chicken on a plate is very different from looking a pet-shaped animal in the eye and deciding you'd rather kill it than be a vegetarian, and it takes a cold-hearted bastard to feel otherwise). But you just can't say those things on Survivor without being mocked and ostracized and even I know that.

It was so bad I almost skipped the podcast this week because I was sure Stephen would go on about hypocritical nonsense and how important protein is out there (fortunately I did not, because fortunately, he for some reason loves Wendy. Maybe she is the only person who has been as consistently awkward as he was in Cambodia). And apparently the chicken drama is FAR FROM OVER, so that'

Also not in a mood to deal with injured ankle drama, though I will allow that was a more quality use of screen time than strategy talk / most idol hunting scenes.

However, Aubry found an idol at long last, and cried in happiness and relief, and so did I. GIRL, I LOVE YOU. (also, Victoria said on Twitter that they had p. much agreed among their group of six to vote out Aurora if they lost immunity, so now I am kinda "dammit" that they didn't, but also knowing my luck the vote would have flipped to Joe).

The challenges were fun this week. I have already forgotten them but they were fun.

Finally, Chris was voted out, and I want to be sorry about my disparaging comments earlier, which were made on the assumption I'd have to put up with him for a while, but honestly it is not very often that we get rid of Buff Guys pre-merge and it's Exciting. I wish it had not been the guy who appears to be the second-best of the buff guys, but eh. THREE BOOTS AND ZERO YOUNG WOMEN ARE OUT, WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

Extinction Island was okay. I'm glad they finally have rice. That daily hike to get approximately 3 spoonfuls, though, seems... extremely punishing. Is that really all they're eating? I assumed there was more food they could forage. If not...legally, how long can they starve them? I feel like this is RIGHT on the border of legality.

Still needs MOAR VICTORIA or my mom is never gonna understand why I love her. There are too many topless pics on her Instagram (even if technically tasteful) and too much cursing on her Twitter for me to let them stand on their own. I could curate a selection of quality examples, but that's more work than I have time for.

Social / Media Roundup
* Victoria's "and that's what you missed starring me" ** Tweet of The Week, a feature I legit look forward to more than the episodes at this point because they contain the content I want to see:
   **to be read in the tone of "and that's what you missed on Glee"

Unseen clip @ kama:
Aurora: The top of this taro smells like an onion.
Joe: let's eat it!
Me: u dont eat the tops of root vegetables.
J & A: *biting* want some?
Me: u dont eat the tops of root vegetables.
J: *throat closing*
A: *tongue swelling*
Me: 🙃("I-had-noooo-idea!".gif)

And the best reply:
Jonas from One World: Future Survivors: This is fake news. Taro leaf isn’t poisoness! Its a delicious staple food in the Pacific. You just have to cook it completely. It’s like a tastier cooked Spinach. You fill it with pork or chicken or fish, coconut cream or milk, and then steam or boil thoroughly.
Victoria: Good to know but it doesnt change the fact that Joe was quietly dying after his bite

* Victoria also confirmed that she wears the beanie all the time to protect her scalp from sunburn. My mom will be pleased to know she hypothesized correctly.
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