RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Top Ten Books on my Spring TBR

(as prompted by the original post on That Artsy Reader Girl)

a.k.a. pretty much "everything I have checked out of the library right now."

spring 2019 tbr

(seriously, this is  such a mixed grab bag of titles. I love it. One for any mood, practically. Except maybe humor. ...though technically for that I do have Hit The Road, from last year's post, now that I've finally remembered which county I have to go to in order to check out)

1. I Am Still Alive - Alice Marshall: I can’t shake the feeling this might be bland, like an adult novel -- it seems so intense and serious -- but I also feel like it’s important I read it? I keep seeing it come up on rec lists and I'm kind of into survival(ist) stories of late. Possibly on account of the fact that Survivor is my main fandom right now.

2. Radical - E.M. Kokie: Survivalist / prepper concept? Sign me up! I just read and enjoyed Lepucki's California, and this feels like it'll be its YA cousin.

3. The Caged Graves - Dianna Salerni: Potential spookiness in a 19th century setting! WHY ARE THERE CAGES OVER THESE GRAVES. (I am more than fine with it being a non-supernatural explanation tho)

4. All The Things You Are - Declan Hughes: This is totally random -- I was checking for a different book by this title in the library catalog -- but it bears more than a passing resemblance to the ridiculous number of low-budget horror movies I have in my Netflix queue right now, and I decided I needed it IMMEDIATELY.

5. The Lost Queen of Crocker County - Elizabeth Lieknes: looks like appealing Midwestern-set women’s fiction; more importantly, the library has it in (e-)audiobook. Unfortunately, it can’t be transferred to my MP3 player to play in the car like I planned, but at least it’s something I can play at home while I clean.

6. Jungle - Yossi Ghinsberg: The memoir that the Daniel Radcliffe movie I recently saw and loved is based on. From what I can tell, the movie stuck pretty close to its source material, and since I was tempted to watch the movie twice I think I will verily enjoy the literary translation, perhaps understand some of the movie’s limited-dialogue scenes a bit better.

7. Survivor! The Ultimate Game - Mark Burnett: HEY SPEAKING OF MY MAIN FANDOM RIGHT NOW. I'm so excited the library still has this book, which was published shortly after season 1 and is essentially a combination behind-the-scenes look at the show and a recap of season 1, which I only ever saw the latter half of at best. I am really excited to experience it in text form.

8. All Out of Pretty - Ingrid Palmer: The book itself is NOT AT ALL out of pretty, with appealingly extra-white pages and a square shape and combination cloth/glossy cover instead of a dust jacket. I can’t really tell what it’s about except a poor girl, possibly involved w/ drugs? But the first few pages sucked me in so I want to find out.

9. Letters to the Lost - Brigid Kemmerer : A hit on my “SHOW ME BOOKS WITH QUALITY MALE FRIENDSHIPS” order to Google, I am especially looking forward to it because if I love that aspect, as I hopefuly will, it comes with a companion novel for the guy’s friend.

10. Wired Man and Other Freaks of Nature - Sashi Kaufman: The author of a previous YA novel featuring a boy that I actually liked (not an easy thing to accomplish in YA) + a book that everyone in the reviews is complaining about to heck and back for not just making the best friends gay for each other? *John Mulaney point* YEAH! That's the wheelhouse I've been looking for since my Tocantins rewatch dialed my craving for that level of bromance up to 111. I'm willing to tip over the line into "questioning sexuality" for it.

P.S. For funsies, here was my list this time last year. Since then I've read 6/11 and kicked After The Fall out unfinished because I was not enjoying myself + read a spoiler about a character death that made me go, "What even is the point." Not before accidentally earning a 10-cent late fee, though, because I am a dimmy.

[ETA: As of summer, I had finished them all except Letters to the Lost, which I decided was Too Good-Sounding so I'm saving it for next time I'm craving a solid male friendship story, since Wired Man satiated me pretty well on that front.]
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