RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Proven Innocent check-in: three minutes into episode 4

...and I'm already looking for an episode of a normal crime show where people are punished and sent away as a happy ending to get the incredibly saccharine taste of this show out of my mouth. Except saccharine is not the right word, because that implies Hallmark levels of feel-good fuzziness, and this show is actually Peak Liberal Activism, shouting loudly and bitterly about all the racist and sexist wrongs in our society, and it's dull.

To recap, you took your foot off the gas re: Rosemary's death for literally one episode and I'm already bored; that does not bode well for you. Add that to the fact that this show is still making me crave to know more about why Gore Bellows is so sure Madeline is a murderer than about the personal life of literally anyone in Madeline's office except Madeline herself, and I have really tumbled down from my excitement about the first two episodes.

Seriously debating skipping the rest of this episode just because I feel like I am gonna lose a lot more marbles before it is over, but I'm afraid I'll miss an awesome flashback or clue in the cold case.

Update, 5 minutes in: OK, Easy's hat is back in the ring for being pro-life. If this show can find a balance of viewpoints I'll take my foot off the Angry Gas. Maybe.

Update 2, a.k.a. I'M BACK AGAIN 25 MINUTES IN because everyone is wrong here.

"If I do [testify that I thew away the abortion pills my pregnant ex bought because I wanted to have the baby], it will end my engagement. It would completely destroy my entire life!"

Bro. Bro. What?? I feel like it's okay to admit that you accidentally got your ex pregnant, she went to jail for suspected infanticide and told you not to come to her trial, so being a college student you were freaked out enough by the whole thing to accept the easy out and try to forget it. For all you know, she did murder the baby via neglect; that seems like a fair thing to not want to revisit! Why would this ruin your life. If your fiancee dumps you for that -- and I'm still not clear what she'd be dumping you for, failure to disclose? Failure to keep her blissfully in the dark? Failure to prove you would fight against all odds to keep your beloved out of jail no matter what WHEN YOU WERE LIKE 20? -- then maybe she is not worth marrying, harsh but true.

"Right...and if you don't, it will literally end Sarah's life."
OTHER BRO, WHAT THE HELL. She's not facing the death penalty. Or even life in prison. She got 25 years, 7 of which have been served, and I've heard nothing about extra years being added on. She'll be out before she's 50, which likely gives her at least 2 decades to enjoy non-prison life. She's also not in danger from other prisoners (so far as I know) or of ending her own life, as she seems pretty content with the idea of serving out her sentence as an appropriate punishment. What are you even going on about??

Mr. Witness Locator just became my least favorite character with this nonsensical badgering over this.
UPDATE THE THIRD: The fiancee DID end the engagement (seriously why???), so the prisoner is (rightfully) upset about her needs hurting her ex's happiness, and I CANNOT TAKE ONE MORE MINUTE OF THESE IDIOTS WASTING THEIR TIME DESPERATELY TRYING TO CONVINCE HER SHE TOTALLY DOESN'T HURT PEOPLE AND DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE IN JAIL. There are people actively suffering who want your help.
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