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...in order to talk some more about Betty Cavanna's Fancy Free, which I have been walking around hugging for 2 days straight and am so happy about that I'm still only 42 pages in. It has only one text review on Goodreads, with its reviewer expressing lukewarm feelings even as a Cavanna fan, but that's not gonna stop me! The main character is so far a very frivolous archetype whose "private opinion" is that girls shouldn't be too clever or knowledgeable because boys don't like that type, and I'M SORRY BUT I FIND THAT ANTIQUATED STEREOTYPE A RIDIC. DELIGHT*. I am totally here for this fluff-headed girl being out of her element among a bunch of studious archaeology students (on a trip headed by her father) in Peru.

(*Cavanna herself seems pretty forward-thinking, so I imagine this is not a personal view.)

But more important is the story of how I got it, which is that 2 weeks ago I was browsing through Staples Mill Antiques, 2.5 stories located in a former mill, with all manner of twists and turns and cut-throughs that make it easy to get lost, and into one tiny nook was tucked this bookshelf. Of course I had to investigate, which required taking two steps up into the barely-big-enough-for-1-person space to stand in front of it, and LO AND BEHOLD, out of this whole antique store, there is nothing affordable that particularly says "own me" -- except this vintage teen novel by an awesome author I know.

Solid black, small and compact, tough-as-hell library binding (withdrawn from Mabel Tainter Memorial Free Library in Menomonie, WI) -- just perfect. And $2. EXCEPT: I only had a $1 bill (+20 cents) and a $20 bill and a credit card. All of these are rude options for a $2 purchase, so I tucked it back and figured, it's only 12 miles away; I'll be back.

And the very next weekend, I was. And this time the book was on sale, 20% off, so it cost even less.

P.S. On the list of "very UN-affordable things I want in this antique store" would be almost any of the approximately 8-10 pinball machines and other arcade games located on the upper level. First of all...how? Did they get up here?? (maybe hidden freight elevator?) Second of all, this mini recreation of a 90s pizza parlor corner is the coolest thing I've seen since I was in a pizza parlor that had arcade games in the 90s.

Prices ranged from approximately $1500 up to $5000. The More You Know.

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