RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Apparently I was in a pedophile's house today.

I actually had an AMAZING Saturday, out of the house for 8 hours and did and saw tons of things, but this is all I can think about right now.

So, among my many plans for the day was an estate sale in a gorgeous million-dollar Summit Avenue mansion -- a very solid 3-story brick/stone twinhome built circa 1900, always fun; here's the best shot I could pull off Google** --
1347 summit
-- which I was mostly at to see the house itself, because there was nothing I wanted to buy and the dominating feature was its terrifyingly huge collection of dolls on the third floor, and the even more unsettling dramatic/artsy photography of said dolls, mostly close-up portrait shots, which were (of course) hung around the walls of a small studio portion of the third floor.

Other aspects of the house included one zillion books on psychology (and yes, previous owner was a psychiatrist), an overwhelming amount of professional-quality recording/sound system equipment, and walking into one room only to stop short and go, " that just a whole-ass medical projection machine of some kind in the room of this house? ????" Also a huge iron birdcage outside, visible only through a window, that looked like you might display an eagle or something inside it (though honestly is probably the right amt. of room for a smaller bird):
plz enjoy / sorry for my terrible phone shots
(it was sadly waaay too crowded to get any shots of THE DOLL ZONE)
As I was regaling my family with these stories, I realized I was *assuming* the owner was a single man, but I couldn't be sure. So I did a quick lookup of the property tax record, followed by googling the name when it proved to be gender neutral, and OH COOL, COOL, JUST CASUALLY FINDING OUT HE'S IN JAIL FOR BEING A PEDOPHILE. (*arrested for CP on his computer, not physical acts, but very much creepy enough. Sentenced in January to 87 months after pleading guilty to 1 count receipt of CP)

Because I was just asking myself, "Is there a way this house could be creepier??" and was like, "Nah, of couse not," but JOKE'S ON ME. I'm just glad I decided not to buy anything. Speaking of which, here's a link that goes into more detail, where they dug up an old video of him on YouTube (oh look it starts w/ some scary dolls), and it's mostly just a monologue from the brief glance I gave it, but also HAHAHA COOL I DEFINITELY SAW THAT CHAIR / SOFA SET (and probably everything else visible) FOR SALE. To use Dr. Eliot Reid's quietly-panicky quote upon finding out that Future Mrs. Janitor's hair is naturally red, "I touched it, I touched it!!"

**P.S. OK, I'm curious about the house so I did some more digging, and now I am madder than ever that a monster gets (got?) to live in a house that is notable enough to have a damn Wikipedia article!!! Side note, the photo above actually shows the other side of the building, a separately owned residence and not the part I was in, but architecturally it's just a mirror.

P.P.S. Built by Clarence Johnson, originally. There. I knew there was a reason the initial layout felt so familiar. I can recognize an architectural style even if I can't name it.
Tags: estate sales

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