RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Goodwill Scores!

Work behaved nicely enough to allow me to skipjack to Goodwill for 2 hours this afternoon for their 75%-off-a-color-tag sale, where $17 and change got me:

  • Five O'Clock Charlie by Marguerite Henry, huzzah! A paperback picture book, easy to store, full color illustrations

  • A brand new copy of Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson. Pristine hardcover. Barely even a bend in the dust jacket. It's my least favorite story from her first 4 I've read so far, but it is far and away my favorite cover, including the back and inner flaps

  • Capri-length workout pants, black w/ a pink waistband, essentially yoga pants but loose around the calves instead of skintight

  • A blue and white sweater

  • A cyan-colored T-shirt with a mesh T-pattern design on the front, from Chico's, but much more youthful than their stuff usually looks

  • A light blue sleeveless top w/ three snap buttons near the top. K-mart basic but looks professional under a cardigan, but also summery.

  • A plain royal blue T-shirt from Target that is brand new and so very soft

  • A black and white patterned, polyester spandex sleeveless tunic top from Old Navy, original tags still attached

  • A...almost terrycloth-like, but softer? dusty pink tank top, also Old Navy I think, that ties at the neck and has a triangle cutout in the back

  • A slinky-material (I forget what it's called, but like the Chico's Travelers collection) stormy blue tank top for my mom, similar to ones she has and loves.

There was also a GORGEOUS, PERFECT, WONDERFUL Knox Rose sleeveless tunic top, a cool blue and white pattern, that I dearly wanted but I think I needed one size smaller; it looked a little too billowy, even when supposed to be loose. TRAGIQUE. If there is a single clothing brand I love in this world, it is Knox Rose. IDC if it's sold at Target, practically every top they make is SO PRETTY and makes me weep with envy.

I wanted to look at shoes too -- really need to replace my tennis shoes -- but I forgot to put my debit card back in my purse so I was limited to cash and didn't have enough time to go back home and come back.

P.S. All of this cost less than the original cover price of the Morgan Matson book alone.

Tags: thrifty shopping

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