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Wanted: Fic Recs

I've been sick since Sunday and it's only just starting to get better today.  This is making Hell Week unexpectedly hellish.  Last night I decided I had absolutely no brainpower to do homework at all, so I put off a project and retired to bed at 8:00 to watch TV.  Our college has unexpectedly added a delightful plethora of cable channels this year, including FX, Nickelodeon, ABC Family, and Spike TV, which is half-squeeful and half "oh, crap, must avoid temptation to watch unscheduled TV."  So I ended up watching CSI, followed by an hour of The Office.  There was an intensely amusing segment in which Dwight formed an alliance with Jim, in order to track down information about downsizing rumors, which promptly turned into Jim and Pam using Dwight's paranoia to their advantage, and culminated in him sitting in an empty box in the basement storage area while they snickered and giggled.

What this taught me was that, just in case I hadn't fully realized it already, Jim and Pam are cuter than puppies and thus have no problem sweeping the current title of Puppy Love Ship.  It should take approximately 5 minutes of viewing them in conversation together to realize that there could not possibly be two people more suited to one another; one episode like this magically raises one's level of happiness through the roof.  You just have to block out the part where her boyfriend/fiance/whatever he is exists, which is hard to do when he bursts in yelling accusations and whisks her out of sight.  Ugh.  (Seriously, it's not even that she has a boyfriend so much as that from the 2 or 3 times I've seen him, he is the ugliest and most unpleasant person in the series.  And I'm including Dwight here.)

So!  What I need, I think, is fanfic.  Whether specific stories or author's names, I just want Jim/Pam.  I think at this point I want actual stories with plots, the longer the better, to build up a base before I turn to word art, but I'm not fussy.  You see, I have never set so much as a toe into the Office fandom, so I have no idea where to start.  That's where you come in.  Please?  *puppy eyes*
Tags: fanfic, the office

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