RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Got hit in the face with rumors about season 40 of Survivor today

You: *getting hyped about New Star Wars 8 months away*
Me: Why? Like why would you want to have nothing but a 2-minute trailer to think about the specifics of for THAT LONG before you can even have the option to see it?
Voice: You, the Queen of Waiting and Anticipating, don't see any irony in this statement? Like at all?
Me: Ignoring you...
Someone: *theorizes on the specific concept of returning players for season 40 of Survivor, which will begin airing in 10-11 months*

There is no list yet, or even rumored names...exactly...but the rumor IS that it's gonna be "all winners," to which my instinct is HOT DAMN HELL YEAH, and then I realized I'd better check my assumptions. So. I decided to waste 40 minutes categorizing the list of previous winners into 4 levels based on how enthusiastic I would be to see them play this time next year -- regardless of whether or not I think they would actually be selected or even want to play again, because I know some of them do not -- and then listed them chronologically within each level.


  • Tina Wesson (S2)

  • Ethan Zohn (S3)

  • Sandra Diaz-Twine (S7 & 20)

  • Tom Westman (S10)

  • Yul Kwon (S13)

  • Bob Crowley (S17)

  • J.T. Thomas (S18)

  • Sophie Clarke (S23)

  • Kim Spradlin (S24)

  • Denise Stapley (S25)

  • Natalie Anderson (S29)

  • Jeremy Collins (S31)

  • Adam Klein (S33)

  • Wendell Holland (S36)

  • Nick Wilson (S37)

This Would Be Okay

  • Vecepia Towery (S4)

  • Jenna Morasca (S6)

  • Danni Boatwright (S11)

  • Earl Cole (S14)

  • Natalie White (S19)

  • Young Fabio (S21)

  • Cochran (S26)

I Would Prefer Not

  • Richard Hatch (S1)

  • Amber Bkrich (S8)

  • Chris Daugherty (S9)

  • Aras Baskauskas (S12)

  • Parvati Shallow (S16)

  • Rob Mariano (S22)

  • Tony Vlachos (S28)

  • Michele Fitzgerald (S32)

  • Sarah Lacina (S34)

  • Ben Driebergen (S35)


  • Brian Heidik (S5)

  • Todd Herzog (S15)

  • Tyson Apostol (S27)

  • Mike Holloway (S30)

As for the TBD winner of season 38, unless Eric or Gavin wins, they will end up in either "HECK YEAH" or the secnd level. There is nobody horrible in this cast.

Long story short: there are only 15 people on my "DEFINITELY WANT" list and the genders are not balanced, so I am almost guaranteed some amount of disappointment, but it's fun to speculate. (also, wow, only 14/36 unique winners so far have been women. Definitely hope a woman wins this season. Yes, even over Joe. Also, unless they have a 16-player season, that is not a lot of leeway for women turning you down if you wanna keep an all-winners theme).

Even shorter version: GOD I just really wanna see Kim & Adam & JT play again.

In other news, I'm looking at upcoming Top Ten Tuesday topics and... "Favorite Books Released In the Last Ten Years."

SOUNDS SUPER EASY. DEFINITELY DON'T HAVE ALMOST SIX HUNDRED OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM THERE. Seven hundred if I let myself go as far back as 1/1/2009 (I'm not quite sure if the idea is to include the current year as one of the ten or not). Even if I stick to the suggested idea of "one for each year," that still sounds like time to sing "Agonyyyyy!" from Into the Woods.

This is mostly a PSA / Note 2 Self that I should probably start working on that now if I wanna participate the week of May 28th, but I like to be dramatic about it. [edit: *John Mulaney voice* and then I didn't!]
Tags: speculation, survivor

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