RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Proven Innocent, 1x08-09

Episode 8 was a big fat goose egg, save for Bodie getting nailed in the head with a flying beer bottle, a shockingly violent act worth rewinding at least three times both because Imma squirrel it away for recycling in a New York Glee context for hurt/comfort, and also because that guy's been getting on my nerves and it was vicariously satisfying.

All that happens to advance plot is more of Bellows' protégé trying to flirt useful information out of Levi. We do hear that Madeline was "acting weird" and staring into space before Rosemary was found, but I'm sure if that's relevant it will be mentioned in a "previously on" recap.

Episode 9: I was swept up in the return to Ohio for the death row case that ended up turning out...infuriatingly badly (truly I Can Not Believe any judge would straight up ignore evidence in a life or death situation just because said evidence isn't legally what is wrong with our / Ohio's laws that allow this). Honestly, Maddie versus Town-Running Drug Kingpin is even better than Madeline vs. Bellows, and I would like to see that toe-to-toe dance play out as well. There is definitely a version of this universe where she gets farther in her quest, and he sends someone to rough her up while making it very clear he could have her murdered...and also a universe where he does just that.

(I've been readin' a lot of serial killer Wikipedia articles, okay, murder is On My Mind. Which makes it harder to watch this show, because some of those evil incarnate claimed to be innocent too, and they appealed just as hard, and that's why it's not as black and white as it seems like it shuld be. Which is frustrating. Which is one of many reasons I am not actually a lawyer!)

P.S. Bellows why r u firing your sensible and loyal employee for the flashy snake oil salesman who oozes smarm from every hair of his mustache and who clearly has no personal stake in whether or not you win -- BUDDY, YOU ARE AN ACCEPTABLE LOSS IN HIS OVERALL BUSINESS. He can urge risk for reward because he loses nothing, as long as he doesn't lose regularly! You have ONE shot. I know it's weird to yell at a character clearly being written a certain way, but I haven't yelled at TV in a long time and it feels good!

Tags: proven innocent, tv commentary
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