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Current Survivor ranking:

(I am SO BEHIND on talking about it even though I am still watching, and I swear I am gonna catch up soon but until I do...)

  1. Victoria: I am stubborn and will not relinquish this belief EVER.

  2. Lauren: Has turned into SUCH A SWEETHEART, I just wanna carry her around in my pocket.

  3. Rick: Human sunshine. A+ dad, husband and coworker material.

  4. Julie: She came from relative invisibility to be, just, an amazing woman.

  5. Ron: Still on the fence about him. He's nice but kind of over-the-top giggly sometimes. But, I would prefer that he win over Wardog.

  6. Wardog: Surprisingly inoffensive for his archetype, but also very IN YOUR FACE about everything. Feels like he's trying too hard to be a character.

  7. Aurora: Not nearly the thorn in my side that I feared. But also kinda just...plain and boring. Her foster-care story did tug at my heartstrings, though. Also, I retroactively appreciate her for being the only newbie to want to work with Joe. (okay, Lauren did also, but she didn't get much chance)

  8. Gavin: remains a smirk-faced child. Let the grown-ups play.

EoE Participants
Joe (his tragic screen absence has made my heart grow fonder)
Reem (above Julia for sheer entertainment factor)
In other news...
Me, every time: The Amazing Race? What's fun about that? Traveling, with bonus family-vacation squabbling? NO THANK U.

Me, every time, after I have made the effort to watch (1) episode because someone from Survivor or otherwise recognizable is on it: THIS SHOW HAS EVERYTHING, WOW, WHAT AN ADVENTURE, SO GREAT!!

Meaning, basically: no one has ever been more excited to see MEAN GAL CORRINNE team up w/ Eliza. Also, Rupert + Laura, sweethearts! Chris + Brett = why are these dudes always around. Much as I appreciate a good bromance starting on this show, Adam & Jay are clearly the only set from Millenials vs. Gen X I can accept. (but I guess Jay was busy on another show, and Adam has apparently, at least temporarily, moved out of the country?? he locked down his Instagram last year but I would guess that steadfast supportive girlfriend of his is long gone. I thought it was weird enough he moved in with Jay instead of marrying her, but this pretty much confirms it, right?)
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