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This week's Top Ten Tuesday is "the first 10 books you reviewed," and while I am tempted to highlight the handful of review posts that originated on my ancient Xanga blog, they were all very negative ones and even though I was proud enough to repost them on Goodreads with minimal editing, there is always the risk they will get me in trouble if I call attention to them and I don't want to fight this week. So for the sake of participating, I am instead copy/pasting the first 10 titles from the first reading list where I wrote a short blurb below each one -- back in 2009.

I kind of miss the ability to condense my feelings about books into 2-3 sentences, tbh.

copied verbatim

1. The Crumb - Jean Slaughter Doty. 122 pg/1976. ***
Just a quick juvenile pony book from the batch I got off eBay in September, read while waiting for computer access. Unexpected bit of heartbreak in otherwise predictable mystery plot, but a good story of the showjumping world all the same.

2. Top Horse of Crescent Ranch - Howard L. Hastings. 248 pg/1942. ****
From a similar batch, I love old ranch stories where the people raise not only cattle but maintain a herd of range horses too. Bygone era. Nobody even writes stories like this anymore, much less lives them.

3. Magic Carpet Ride - Audrey McClellan. 240 pg/2005. ***
Um, this book and I had some issues. Despite that, it was a relatively aesthetically pleasing romp through idealized romantic nonsense. The experience of which I shall never repeat again.

[2019 note: oh man, I forgot how much of those posts I took out and/or condensed for the Goodreads review. Hilarity!]

4. Don't Kiss Them Good-bye - Allison DuBois. 224 pg/2005. ***
A bit repetitive and couldn't seem to decide if it was a memoir, anthology, or how-to guide on interacting with psychics, but a bit fun, after watching "Medium," to read a little about her real-life family members. I swear I can still distinguish between fiction and reality!

5. How NOT To Be Popular - Jennifer Ziegler. 239 pg/2008. ***
Pretty quirky, with some perfectly cringe-worthy moments (namely her outlandish parents), but otherwise ended up being one of the more accurate reflections of high school society. Would have made a good summer read.

6. Fix - Leslie Margolis. 241 pg/2006. ****
Actually a pretty absorbing story about a shallow world, daughters of a former Hollywood actress considering plastic surgery - one all for a boob job after getting her nose fixed; the other not so sure her nose needs fixing at all. Author packs a lot of angles into a fairly small book.

7. Go Figure - Jo Edwards. 271 pg/2007. ***
"Overweight girl trying to be happy with her life" stories would be so much more compelling if said girls had more interesting thoughts than "I want a boyfriend. Sex would be good."

8. Girl of the Moment - Lizabeth Zindel. 283 pg/2007. ****
Faux-reality "tell all" novel about the world of celebrity as seen through the eyes of a high-school aged personal assistant...these novels are all kind of the same, but I still find them highly enjoyable, and this was no exception. I maybe imagined the anonymous young starlet as Miley Cyrus; is that bad?

9. Or Not - Brian Mandabach. 404 pg/2007. ***
Show me a public school in real life where the liberal, Bush-administration-and-church-questioning girl is the oddball outcast, and I'll turn back time and go there instead. Difficult to swallow the premise and overly long, but once you get past that it's a decent read.

10. Doctor Who: Shining Darkness - Mark Michalowski. 249 pg/2008. ***
The Doctor/Donna banter? Excellent. Donna's character as a whole? Pretty good. The plot? Somewhere between a coffee grinder and American Idol on the scale of annoyance. I was tempted to bounce the book off the wall a few times reading the endless debates about whether or not robots "mechanicals" were truly sentient and capable of feelings like "organics."

Hey, you know what would be the perfect post to link up to this one? The 10-year retrospective I just did about this list.
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