RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Upfronts! I am in a much better mood about them than this time last year.

Aside from Proven Innocent, which I may kick myself for saying later but right now am Very Relieved to know I can be free of once I finish, everything I watch has been renewed, even if Criminal Minds is ending next year.

Madam Secretary (which I haven't even watched since the premiere, oops; so glad it was renewed over Scorpion...), NCIS (I still might get back into it), NCIS: LA, Survivor, Hawaii Five-0, Mom (for TWO seasons apparently, yeesh), even my beloved comfort-food sitcom Man With a Plan! (I am super happy about that one. It was the one I would have been prepared to lose, but I have been so happy watching it this spring when my brain is fried after night work and I want something short and simple to unwind with during my late-night dinner break before I go back to editing work)

Even Seal Team and S.W.A.T. are still hanging around if I ever wanna properly catch up, as is Rookie, which I have yet to see a single episode of but may yet enjoy. PLUS Law & Order: SVU is officially gonna make the history books as the longest-running drama!! w/ S.21 and I am EXCITED even if I haven't watched since S.16. (does money even mean anything to Mariska Hargitay? She's gotta be absolutely rolling in salary + residuals dough. *googles* This random result says her net worth is $45-50 million; I believe it.)

Superb cancellations include: most of the dreadful new CBS comedies (though I feel bad for the Murphy Brown lovers; that one was not terrible, and should definitely have outlived The Neighborhood) AND ALSO MY GROSS/UNFUNNY NEMESIS "LIFE IN PIECES."

Slap me if I'm forgetting anything, but this is basically the most bloodless upfronts for me ever and I am LIVING.
Tags: upfronts

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