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Apropos of nothing: suddenly I have SO MANY OPTIONS to read and watch in the immediate present and future that I need to make a post organizing them all.


Currently Working On / Checked Out

All Out of Pretty - Ingrid Palmer: Halfway through this wrenching novel after 4 days, it is finally giving me a hint of breathing room, but it's making me Feel So Much that I can only read it in small doses.

Prairie Evers - Ellen Airgood: The complete opposite of the above, this darling middle grade novel is the prequel / companion to one I read last month, and while it's short, its writing is so evocative I want to savor every page.

Reality Gold - Tiffany Brooks: I was SO EXCITED by the premise of "Teenage Survivor + buried treasure" when I checked it out 6 weeks ago and kinda mad I couldn't read it right away, but by the time I got through everything with earlier deadlines, my tsunami wave of renewed Survivor obsession had FINALLY crested, and now I worry that if I read it in the wrong mood I'll spoil it for myself.

S. - J.J. Abrams: Checked this infamous book out when I was in a mood for unusually-formatted books last month, never sure if I would actually read it or just play around and look at it, but when my library novel checkouts dropped to THREE I really thought I was gonna have time for it. Now, of course, I do not. It has to be the sole thing on the horizon because it demands a lot of attention.

Planning To Pick Up
(please note that 100% of the books below were acquired and/or added to my TBR in the last 24 hours)

The Forbidden Wish - Jessica Khoury: So I finally saw a trailer for the Aladdin remake, it bowled me over with Feelings, and I had to IMMEDIATELY ask the library catalogue for Aladdin retellings. This one is rated higher on Goodreads and certainly looks interesting, but also...

Whole New World - Liz Braswell: ...the catalogue also gave me this, which Goodreads says the first 25% of is just a novelization of the original movie before it goes AU; what is my exact dream. (bonus: there are literally five-and-counting more standalone novels in this Disney-published series of AU versions of their movies if I like how this goes, and all of them are relevant to my interests)

Send No Blessings - Phyllis Reynolds Nalor: Read it in 9th grade, and I recently (think I) found it for someone on What's The Name of That Book?, which REALLY made me want to reread it.

Lost Masterworks of Young Adult Literature - Connie Zitlow: The only place to get the above is via Interlibrary Loan, and when I searched for it in the catalogue, this title came up (the above being one of said lost works). Published in 2002, featuring essays about young adult books that made a strong debut only to end up forgotten by the time of this book's publication, this looks FASCINATING and like exactly the kind of books I wanna hear and/or learn about.

Up In Seth's Room - Norma Fox Mazer: This is also one of the books, which I read as a young teen and which forever ruined bikinis for me by having Seth remind his girlfriend that she can totally strip down to her underwear because it's no different, I've been meaning to reread it for a long time, since I can't remember anything else about it. Now seems like a timly opportunity.

Hitchhike - Isabelle Holland: It came up on What's The Name of That Book recently and piqued my interest; it looks like a solid 80s teen paperback, and I love this author. Just a random craving I've decided to treat while I'm on an ILL-spree.

(let's not even talk about the fact that I was thisclose to looking for Life Unexpected & Pushing Daisies approximations)

EDIT: Also this one I picked up at the library the next day, with the first two books above --
Tumbledown Manor - Helen Brown: I was kindly reshelving an adult book someone left in YA, and when I put it back I saw this next to it. Kensington-published and a book about restoring a historic family manor?? BRING ME THERE. (but I also just learned it's about a woman in her 50s with grown children, so it might be too old for me)

Books I Just Bought Oops
The Museum of Heartbreak - Meg Leder: it's been on my TBR for ages and the only place to get it is via ILL. Which I should have done because I don't think I'll keep it, was a dollar...and it was new and pretty. No rush to read this, though.

Beware the Kindly Stranger - Clarissa Ross: Random 80s Gothic romance/horror (not sure which) that just looks like A Delight.

Previously-Read Books I Bought For Keeping ($1 each)
(just to go on record as having acquired them)

Blood Secret - Kathryn Lasky
Horses Never Lie About Love (nonfiction) - Jana Harris
Brunette Ambition - Lea Michele (!! BRAND NEW CONDITION)
Hen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance (nonfiction) - Martin Gurdon (while I decide if I want to keep it, since this is the library's culled copy and checking it out is no longer an option for revisiting it)


Random library find. I AM HERE 4 THRILLERS AND/OR BEARS.
I Know What You Did Last Summer: the only 90s teen classic my library has that I haven't seen. Recently was inspired to try and watch some of the (many) that I missed.
X-Files: Fight the Future: requested from the Faraway Library in the county; usually takes them 3+ weekdays to ship it over. I just read a book where the characters talked about X-Files a lot and it Revved Me Up.

Unicorn Store: It's Brie Larson and unicorns, yo! This is why magical realism was made. Probably.
Brain on Fire: even though I am Very Over Chloe Grace Moretz being in everything (she's TWENTY-FRIGGIN' TWO AND SHE HAS 68 CREDITS ON IMDB), this looks like decent hurt/comfort. WIth a side of Dad Richard Armitage.

The Keeping Hours: behind the scenes this past week, I took a brief headlong tumble back into Pushing Daisies until my heart hurt and all I wanted was to see Lee Pace aim his sad and/or heart eyes at a woman again, and I found out Netflix has THIS, which comes with a side of ghost, borne of grief over a late child. YOOOOOO MY DREAMS. (even though I literally just watched a movie about why trying to bring back your dead child's spirit is a TERRIBLE AND TERRIFYING IDEA lmao)  Not a Netflix original so I feel like I gotta be worried it might disappear in a week. Two of the movies on my list for the past month did! And I only remember what one of them was.

Theaters, Maybe, In Near Future
Godzilla: King of the Monsters: Boyfriend wants to see it, and this is ideal on the big screen, and I was ENTHRALLED by the trailer before I had any idea what movie it was gonna be.
Aladdin: Like I said, UNEXPECTED FEELINGS.


TV Shows
(even giving up on reviewing, I STILL can't keep up??)

-Proven Innocent: 5 episodes (plz plz plz stay up on the FOX site a little longer...)
-Survivor: reunion show + a frillion new videos from Ponderosa put up all at once
-Man With A Plan: finale
-KEEP WATCHING: The Amazing Race
-NEW SHOW STARTS 5/21: Blood & Treasure

HONESTLY, THERE MIGHT BE MORE but I gotta go back to work now.
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