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Why I Am Going to Be Watching "The Office" This Year After All

My new-show obsessions come fast and furious.  For example, in the space of 4 days, I fell head-over-heels in love with the aforementioned show and am in the process of giving myself the usual crash course in canon orientation. 

Even though I CLEARLY did not have time for it this week (a fact proven true when I literally did homework from 9 PM Wednesday-5 PM Thursday, stopping only to go to classes, take a shower, and check LJ a couple of times), when your recs were not forthcoming, I went fic-hunting.  Even though I jumped in blind by hitting up Google, I managed to stumble across a fantastic page of links on my first or second try.  "Pack Your Bags, It's Never Too Late!" is my winner for AU, and "Borneo" is my winner for post-ep/canon-compliancy (because I live in a world where season 3 Karen didn't exist).  Then, with the aid of Wikipedia I spun through a few relevant story arcs, figured out what the deal with Roy was, and cheered up immensely upon finding out that they have since broken up for good (yes?).  And it still wasn't enough, because some of the things I read were quite tantalizing, so I spent MORE time I didn't have hunting down Jim/Pam clips on YouTube.    

I saw the drunk quick smooch at the Dundies, an amusing tour of Jim's bedroom, a plethora of other giggly moments, and all relevant scenes from "Casino Night."  OH, CASINO NIGHT.  As soon as I watched this clip I ran straight back to "Borneo" and the story became twice as fantastic as before, but then I had to go back and play the clip about a hundred times because it is just that amazing.  On Thursday, I watched the last episode of season 3 when it aired on NBC, and that was when I decided I loved this show, and I was going to power through the series in order to be caught up in time for the premiere.

On Friday night, I got season 1 out of the library (or rather, the mini-series that passes for "season 1").  I was incredibly disappointed to discover that it consisted of only six episodes - SIX!  Of a half-hour show! - but hey, that just means I can get through my pre-season-4 material faster, right?

I watched all six eps straight through, even the two I'd just seen the night before.  I planned to keep up a running commentary as I went, but that kind of fell by the wayside because I couldn't bring myself to hit "pause."  As such, I'll be talking more about overall impressions than specific moments.  However, I can tell you that in the pilot, I absolutely adore the scene with Jim setting up pencils in the space between his and Dwight's desks...and Dwight bashing them down one by one with his phone is quite possibly the funniest scene of the season.  I rewound it thrice and couldn't stop laughing.  Dammit, I think my Dwight hate is gone!  This is not right!  And yet...his scenes always make me laugh.  I've turned my hate on Michael instead, because ugh, SO WEIRD AND AWKWARD and dear *God* I hate when people don't know they're embarassing themselves, especially if they're offending people while they do it.  Not funny.  Now I remember why I don't like Steve Carell.

And now, having seen the whole slew of season 1 episodes, I finally put names to faces and faces to names of all the people I didn't already know.  People like...Ryan!  Kelly!  Angela!  Phyllis!  Stanley!  Kevin!  And Jan!  Ryan is rapidly becoming one of my favorites, just because I LOVE the way he spends half his time just staring at Michael like he's not entirely sure of his grasp on sanity.  His expressions are utterly priceless.  I like Kelly too, I think.  I wasn't overly enamored of her the first few times I saw her, but after I watched her give Michael a well-deserved slap across the face, she went up about 12 notches on the totem pole of favorite characters.  Or maybe it was after I heard the actress on the commentary, professing her fangirly love for Jim/Pam.  Yeah, I think that was it. 

Phyllis makes me sad and uncomfortable, because I have an intense fear that I will become her in 25 years.  Kevin just makes me vaguely uncomfortable, because sometimes he's funny but most of the time he's just gross, like Family Guy's patriarch brought to life.  I find myself wishing I could squish Oscar out of existence like the non-entity of a gnat he is, and am not currently impressed with Angela's uptightness but feel like I might change my mind later on. On the other hand, I rather like Meredith, and Stanley always cracks me up.   I'm not sure how I feel about Jan yet, since I'd never seen her and only knew that people kept writing stories for Michael/Jan.  Mostly, I think I'm relieved that she's prettier than I'd imagined.

The theme song brings me even greater amounts of joy than it did when I first saw it.  Because now I think the show *does* have heart.  I actually caught myself rewinding the theme at one point, as if I was not planning to see it about 45 times in the next week anyway.

Overall, I think "The Alliance" is probably my favorite so far, closely tied with "Health Care."  They both have ample amounts of laugh-out-loud humor as well as adorable Jim/Pam scenes.  And...that's all I'm going to say for now, because even though there's no way I can possibly sleep as well as finish homework and the rest of season 2 + bonus material by the time the DVDs are due back at the library (about 19 hours away), I'm going to try.  *dashes off to start episode 2.7*    


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