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Proven Innocent 1x10-12

1x10: ...but why did they have to explore the creepy abandoned / condemned house in the dead of night? Seems like it would raise less suspicion and be less fraught with danger to park somewhere on the side of the road and walk up to it during...daylight?? But also OMG YES TELL ME MORE ABOUT THIS MYSTERIOUS ABANDONED-HOUSE TEEN HANGOUT and less about Madeline's blah-blah relationship that is not with Fetching Reporter Man.

"What my mother is trying to say--"
"Your family is trash."

WHAT A FEISTY SPITFIRE. I like and side with her. [ETA: So that turned out poorly for me. But whatever. I hope when I am her age, I will feel free to go around telling people their family is trash with impudence.]

In more interesting news (I'm gonna fully ignore Bodie, btw), this happens:
"Wow. Okay, this is getting really weird."
"No, it actually makes perfect sense. Eastern religious symbolism? Drugs? A secretive group? Young girls? ...Levi, it was a cult!"

LMAOOOOOOO this took a turn. This is right up there with episode 6's "of course! it was a RANDOM SERIAL KILLER!" I mean, it is wildly entertaining, but only because it is so wild and cracky.

I was gonna save this to pair with the finale, but I didn't want to cram 2 into one night once I started getting tired, and this one was such an uptick in quality that I wanna record everything I can remember. This is what I've been treading water through the cases half the season for. To make the Big Conclusion worth the wait.

  • I hope they don't try to juggle a secondary case for the real finale, because this one was embarrassingly stitched together from the most outrageous headlines about ICE and border control from the past year, and didn't even feel real. It was SVU on its worst day. This was the ep's only flaw -- and the good-guy prosecutor made up for that a lot.

  • There was actually a good point I had not considered, about how it's better to jail violent gang members than deport them. Good on you for getting me to shift an opinion. Assuming there isn't a parole on the horizon in less than 50 years or before age 70, anyway. That's the aspect I'd worry about.

  • I had little sympathy for the junior associate to begin with, but Gore was so cold in dismissing her (on only vague promises to rehire her once he becomes Attorney General) that I got chills and promptly had an elaborate nightmare about him strangling his wife in a hotel room, after getting her there with promises of a romantic anniversary getaway, because she got in the way of his campaign.

  • The scenes with Madeline in prison garb would have been more jarring had we not already had so many prison flashbacks with Rachelle


  • Relatedly: I feel like Bellows should understand that the moment he starts manufacturing a witness statement is the moment where the ends no longer justify the means.

  • Oh wow, was not expecting a reveal that Heather knew Ravi first, and brought him in.

  • Loved that they found out his real name, and loved the part where they talked to his former church-founding (and more level-headed) partner.

  • I also got chills when they repeated that "do you want to be a virgin in college?" clip in a new and more sinister light. (and this is why the answer to that question is always "heck yeah you bet I do")

  • (So Heather is like...definitely a murderer, right? I'm thinking either she killed Rosemary, or Ravi killed Rosemary and Heather killed him for...reasons. Or he saw her do the first murder so she killed him to keep him quiet too. Or Ravi really did just run off and die later and is a red herring, but I was supposed to see the Angry Old Lady from 1x11, or the husband in this episode, as foreshadowing about trying aggressively to get someone innocent that you don't like jailed in order to keep the heat off you, the real criminal.)


  • Taking myself away on that cliffhanger was HARD, but I think I made the right choice.

Now I'm just waiting for a night I can give my full attention to the finale without either being totally exhausted, or starting late enough that it would ruin my night if the excitement kept me up a couple of hours afterward. I think I remember reading somewhere that we WOULD find out who Rosemary's killer was by the end of the season, but I am not sure if it ends on a cliffhanger or what other aspects might remain unresolved.
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