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Unpopular Bookish Opinions

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is an absolute BLAST. I am having so much fun reading everyone's thoughts! After reading a few, I also definitely had to trim at least 3 Extra Hot 'N Spicy takes from my original draft, because I'm too hot to handle when it comes to controversy and I have stuff to do besides fight on the internet this week. So if you don't like these, just remember I am secretly WORSE. (no I will not elaborate)

1. If you don't enjoy reading a book (or at least enjoy feeling emotionally affected by it), it's not a good book. You don't have to objectively respect writing "quality." I will straight up tell your Pulitzer-winning author "yes, I can see you've used some very big words and written a complex theme, but it was depressing and boring so generally speaking it is not as good of a book as Twilight."

2. Looking for Alaska is bad and also the single most overrated YA novel of all time.

3. All YA fantasy trilogies look and sound the exact same to me. (I have seen people with this same opinion on realistic YA, so let me have this)

4. I am ready to hear every bit of extracurricular (head)canon J.K. Rowling shares about the Harry Potter series. You are allowed to ignore whatever pieces you dislike, much as I have elected to ignore the existence of The Cursed Child, a.k.a. #FakeCanon and #BadFic. I am just in love with the fact that she gives so much to consider. The author isn't dead until the author is dead and I for one am grateful she's able to share with us.

6. Sex-positive YA is Highly Unpleasant and I don't care for it. You're never gonna convince me that the benefits of naked times outweigh the potential negatives at this age. I have had this opinion for as long as I have known what sex was.

7. I am automatically less interested in reading a book by a man than a woman, regardless of the protagonist's gender, especially in YA. It's not a political grandstand, and it's not that I won't read books by men, it's just a gut reaction formed from thousands of reading experiences. Female authors always outnumber male authors on my reading list by an average of nearly 3 to 1.

8. Secondhand books inscribed by the author are better than simply signed by them. This is definitely an unpopular opinion among booksellers and Fancy Collectors who assign a monetary value to books, but I love when there's a little personalized note in there, or even just the person's name. Adds unique history to it.

9. I don't have an opinion about deckled edges. (I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS THE ACTUAL MOST-DISCUSSED / CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC THIS WEEK. Most people apparently Feel Strongly about them one way or another, who knew.)

So, not quite ten, but the last two topics were so overwhelmingly fun that I had too many options to comb through and never finished. I just want to participate again!
Tags: #badfic, #fakecanon, top ten tuesday
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