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Maybe I should institute some sort of Saturday Sum-Up, if I'm gonna continue wasting the hours I'm afraid of doing work by scrolling ONTD and annoying Tumblr accounts and Buzzfeed with anger and self-loathing at said wastefulness, writing Angry Unposted Reactions to their content instead of Decent Blog Posts. My energy is rapidly fading so I can't go into any detail about any of them, but here is an outline of things I've been doing on Tumblr / YouTube / offline:

  • FWOMPING back into head-over-heels love with Pushing Daisies, for reasons I did not document so I honestly cannot figure out how that happened -- apparently on May 4th I guess I just randomly started thinking about Ned/Chuck, which led to gifset reblogging, and then I pulled the DVDs and kicked it into high intensity about 3 weeks ago. I had switched from the math project to the much more boring reading comprehension project at the test-scoring place, and, well, the mind tends to wander on that kind of project.

  • (This show is perfect now? also I can't believe I ever let them out of my Top Five OTPs Of All Time. or that I never got past episode 2 on my Watch Project w/ Chris five years ago)

  • On a related note: I am busy collecting and/or hoovering up Lee Pace projects like nobody's business

  • (WHAT IN MY LIFE HAS CAUSED ME TO CASUALLY FORGET HIM FOR NINE YEARS, I cry as I become overwhelmed by absolutely everything he's ever done on a screen or as an impossibly charming human being, ignoring the fact that I said the same thing about Josh Groban in November and have already let him fade back into the contented background)

  • Including Wonderfalls (1.5 episodes in but first I spoiled myself with all the Pace content from the second half of the series on YouTube, oops)

  • Also started watching Blood and Treasure (3 episodes in. It's awesome)

  • Really totally want to watch Good Omens, but per usual I claimed to have "no time" to do fun things like that ever, then immediately watching two different and longer series instead. But Amazon is so much more of a hassle to use, since I don't have my own account, than or a library DVD set, and I feel like I've seen at least 70% of it in gifsets at this point, so what is rush.

  • yes i did just imply that it is much more effort to remember where I wrote down a username / password and use them to log into a website (every time tho! every time I want to watch!) than it is to drive 5 minutes to a library to pick up a DVD, and I stand by that


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