RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Saturday Sum-Up (late)

I'm not doing TTT this week, probably, so that should give me some time. [edit: LIES!] I kinda sorta maybe lost a horrifying chunk of last week reading evvvvery single participant's post (170) AND commenting on all the ones that stuck to the theme where I could possibly come up with something to say. It's clearly a topic close to my heart!

(nothing was wilder to me than posts of people who were "struggling" to fill the topic because they'd "already done it" (and?? you didn't have about 190 options??) or "I wasn't a big reader as a kid," the latter of which made me want to write a 9000 word essay about my childhood experience with books, but I didn't because I guess it was too imperative I spend 6 hours this week on the "Am I The Asshole?" subreddit, which wasn't even fun, just addictive)

ANYWAY, here's what's been filling my free time for the past 8 days:

  • I watched "Revolt" and I have no idea how to describe how much I loved it, but at least here in Ghost Town LJ I can admit to knowing that this movie qualified itself for the whump blogs

  • One such blog also sent my curiosity about Halt and Catch Fire through the roof; I have always ignored it on instinct, and a careful research creep through its possible objectionable content made me think I am indeed probably NOT yet qualified to handle it -- but there is a very tantalizing sense that one day I will be, and will find rich reward.

  • I watched episodes 2x01, 2x03 and 2x04 of Pushing Daisies for the first time since they aired - I don't wanna look real closely at my original reviews because I know they were full of whining about women being independent instead of codependent and this is a rare time I'm embarrassed about my younger opinions, but oh my god does Ned just wring your heart out. I understand Chuck's desire to live in the other apartment now, even after Olive comes back, and I think it's all really good writing, but ouch.

  • (also the "you can't move back in" convo still has a 50/50 shot of triggering either my desire to punch or my instinct that if I were in her shoes I'd just reel with abandonment and run away entirely with no plan or money and probably die, so there's that)

  • Somewhere in there I watched the Amazing Race finale (AWESOME), so now my vague plans to talk about it are gonna turn into another Survivor catch-all sum-up post, if I write one at all. The short version is that my faves did not win, but I was happy with 3 of the 4 teams who made it to the final episode and also happy with the winners, and I only even disliked (not hated) 2 of the 11 teams this season, so as of right now it is by far my favorite edition ever.

  • Blood and Treasure continues to be EXCELLENT and I need a post about it soon, for real.


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