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Coupon Conquests Week, and other stories (of conquests)

a.k.a. "who needs Amazon Prime when I can wreck my bank account locally for secondhand goods."

I don't always take advantage of Half Price Books' Coupon Week -- last time I think I even gave away the almighty 50% off one, so sated was I on other media at the time -- but I was feelin' it this week and I went nuts. And so I display, for an undisclosed sum of money because honestly even w/ coupons these were not quite garage sale prices:

1. Taylor Swift, "1989," Deluxe Version complete w/ THE POLAROIDS!!
I believe I said something very specific on The Musi List about how I recommended getting this secondhand instead of buying it new or streaming it through legal channels? YEAH, BABY. It has been 2.5 years of very patient resistance to streaming them, but FINALLY I know what the bonus tracks sound like. I really needed that in this depressing era of yet another Somehow Even Worse Taylor album persona.

2. Alanis Morissette, "The Collection"
We JUST talked about this CD being perfect. I also JUST surrendered the custody war I'm in with another library patron over it. Now I never have to get back in it.

3. Survivor, Season 1
Wish I'd found this while I was reading that book about season 1 -- I looked! I absolutely looked! -- but close enough.

4. Pushing Daisies, Season 2
In honor of the 10th anniversary of putting it on my Amazon wishlist... (tho in its defense, at some point I actually reduced its priority level to "low," like WHAT, WHAT, WHAT WERE YOU DOING, PAST ME)

5. Lurlene McDaniel, The Year of Luminous Love
Listen I went in there FULLY intending to buy at least 3 other things with my 30% off coupon, but then I checked the teen lit section just in case and Oh No. I was powerless to resist a $3.50 cash price, even though I feel like maybe I could have gotten the 2-volume set for cheaper per book online, or maybe even found the whole series on eBay. This was my first 5-star book of 2019 and I wanted to live inside it, okay! And paperback is nicer for storing than the huge hardcover form.

6. Tess Callahan, April & Oliver
I was pretty sure it was gonna be a HUGE mistake to run this as Ned/Chuck (unless and until the characters prove too different), but so many things matched up so well that I have never more badly wanted to run into certain disaster. It was only $3 pre-discount so I went for it, even though the library had it, because I thought if it worked, I'd want to keep it. And oh, my god, once I made sure I adjusted for darkness (like past sexual abuse and the choices in men a girl might make as an adult with that kind of adolescent foundation), IT WORKED SO WELL.

7. Taylor Swift, "Speak Now," the Target edition

If I hadn't promised away one of my 40% off coupons, I would have snatched up season 4 or 5 of Numb3rs for $6, too. Anything more than that was too much for something that, while something I'm always down to watch at a moment's notice, is also not so uncommon or immediately necessary as what I got.
II. BUT ALSO I went to some actual garage sales on Friday, and this is what I came up with:

  • Three paperback Doctor Who novels, featuring Martha, for 75 cents each. You just don't SEE those in the wild!

  • Tunic-length short sleeve gray blouse with silver threading, $1

  • How I Met Your Mother season 5, $1

  • Last Year's Mistake, a random just-for-fun read from a Little Free Library

  • Small As An Elephant, also just to read and release, 50 cents

  • When You Reach Me, same. This and the above were recommended by Goodreads friends

  • $1 on 2 CDs that were definitely not worth it, but it was fun taking the chance! (Picturesque, which basically sounds like if Paramore added a guy -- 2 shouty 4 me -- and Equal Visions Records' 2018 Summer Sampler. Also 2 much electric guitar 4 me...on second thought, there might be 1 I like, an acoustic track by a girl. That's worth it, then.)

  • Petted a black mini poodle at an estate sale

  • Petted a golden retriever who was very politely walking a little ways ahead of its owner and the apparently less-well-behaved golden on a leash + the dachshund living the high life and being carried home

III. On Saturday I went to the little spit of antique stores on a quaint old fashioned Main Street 4 miles away from me
Where I found out the by-far-the-biggest one there is closing sometime this year, probably by October. I guess the guy who owns the building is retiring / moving out of Minnesota and wants to sell the building. Which sucks for my entertainment. But worked for deals, as most dealers within are trying to liquidate so they have less to move out. For $4 and change, I picked up:

  • A book I will probably just read and release, but it came in a plastic slipcover that I coveted

  • Two old TV Guide magazines, 1997 and 2002, because for three literal years I have been mad at myself for not buying the nostalgia-fest of 2002-2003 guides I saw at a garage sale once. THAT WAS THE DAWN OF MY AWAKENING TO THE GOLDEN AGE OF TV.

  • A copy of Hound Dog Man because my copy doesn't have a dust jacket and this one did

And in one of the other stores I petted a store dog. Small and wiry, not super soft, but still cute, even if he did look like he'd swallowed a soccer ball.

IV. I also went to the mostly-paperbacks secondhand book store by those antique stores.
I don't often go in this store, because I'm usually kinda meh on paperbacks, but right now I am ALL ABOUT DAT SPACE SAVING. More to the point, this is a wild, wonderful store with books stacked to the ceiling and narrow aisleways and all I could think was, as much as I'm in heaven in that kind of space, imagine Chuck walking into a store like that. I was so giddy spinning out a short Pushing Daisies scene I almost forgot to pay attention to the actual books.

For another $4 and the pleasure of supporting a valuable business, I picked up a Phantom Valley novel for SUPER NOSTALGIA and a Gillian Cross novel I've either read and want to read again, or just want to read [edit: Born of the Sun, which it turns out I have read. Senior year. And rated 2.5 stars. Oops! But it looks interesting so I am gonna read it again anyway]. Please remind me that this store is A GOLD MINE of potential books from my old reading lists that are rather a hassle to haul in from ILL, especially if they're short enough to just flip through in the store to jog my memory.

Bonus: this store also has a store dog. A tiny, fragile, elderly white toy poodle, but a dog nonetheless. He came tottering over on stiff legs, sat down, and very politely licked my knee for a minute or so while I petted him before wandering off.

V. On Sunday, I remembered Savers was having a "50% off almost everything" day...
So for $16 total -- the cashier, a hilarious older lady with makeup like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show, went, "Girl, you found the cheapest stuff on the racks! Wow!" -- I got the following.

-Sky blue workout/Danskin tank top
-Blue-and-white cloud patterned Ruff Hewn T-shirt w/ three snap buttons above the breastbone
-Knit purple Daisy Fuentes skater dress
-White w/ blue china pattern short-sleeved top, no trace of a tag or label beyond an "L" tag indicating the size
-Gray athletic-wear capris with a cute upside down V-slit up the back of the calf.
-Black drawstring sweatpants w/ purple piping
-Black athletic-wear/Danskin pants w/ a wide purple waistband
-The Geography of Lost Things, absolutely pristine and perfect hardcover. The most beautiful book I have ever seen. Released only 9 months ago. This book alone could cost $16 or more right now.

Unfortunately, I had to leave behind two pairs of thick, heavy sweatpants that were the same brand/style as a pair I LOVE whose waistband is totally wrecked out, ragged and torn apart on the inside. I REALLY should throw mine out, but they're so warm and comfy, and good for wearing out of the house on cold days when I feel bloated and icky. An exact replacement would be amazing! But they were still $6 apiece after discount, more expensive than literally any other single item, and I couldn't decide on the color. I loved the purple, but I'm not sure I would have enough to match to wear them out of the house. And I already have multiple pairs of loungewear black pants; my current pair is grey and that's nice because then I can pair it with black shirts and/or wear my black coat and black boots without feeling too goth. And yes, I realize I bought two more black pairs today, but the purple piping was too irresistible and so was the yoga-pant-style waistband, and they were $3 each and I couldn't bear to give them both up in trade for the winter version.

Will I regret this come winter? Yes, but at least the Danskin pants are going to replace a more worn out pair of black leisurewear pants.

To my credit, I did get rid of 15 books this weekend by dropping them in my parents' Half Price sale bag or Little Free Libraries. Two of them were even HEFTY books. I also bagged up 1 grocery sack of clothes to donate. Maybe even as many items as I bought!

VII. EDIT : On Monday I went to a library that is about to close for remodeling...
And I bought Josh Groban's "Stages" AND the "Stages: Live" CD/DVD combo for 50 cents total.
Tags: garage sales, thrifty shopping

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