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And thus concludes my obsessive 7-day journey through the foundations of The Office.

Yep, I'm now 3 days and 6 dramas behind on Premiere Week.  More if you count HIMYM and last week's premiere of Survivor.  It's really sad, actually.  However, I am no longer behind on my favorite comedy! I got the shiny new DVDs out of the library yesterday morning and spent nearly the entire day working my way through all the non-commentary content, so now I more or less know everything.  I'm kind of impressed with myself here.  Especially since I only needed 4.5 hours to finish this post afterwards. 

SEASON THREE: Running Commentary

I went into this season with two things: a prejudice against Karen, and the knowledge of a light at the end of the tunnel where the Puppy Love ship was concerned.  They seem like they'd balance one another out, but...I don't know.  I do know that I've really enjoyed watching this series from within my own personal little bubble, without any outside thoughts to influence me except what little I recall from casually browsing articles months ago.  I tried to go back and read the reviews at TV Squad for the most recent couple of eps, and it was very discomfitting to see differing opinions.  Going to be weird when I start reading friends' reviews this season. Anyway, to get back to 06-07's offerings...oh, theme song.  Don't ever change. 

1. Gay Witch Hunt: I've heard this one's name bandied about in a lot of places.  Please tell me it didn't win awards.  Please, tell me.  Because ew.  Everything involving Oscar in this ep was uncomfortable and/or squicky, but nothing was as gross as Michael actually kissing him.  *gags*  I lasted about a quarter of a second before I had to slap the "jump forward" button.  Other than that, my first written reaction was "Nononono!  Don't ruin my happy place!  Don't ruin Casino Night with a flashback!"  I stuck it out because I figured the running themes in fanfic had to be coming from somewhere, and it wasn't season 2.  Turns out that it's kind of worth it for a bit of extra kiss footage and his disbelieving smile & "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that," but...but then she stops him, and continues to be an idiot, and he runs off to Stamford and I am quite unhappy. 

Speaking of Stamford, I take an instant dislike to Andy.  He's actually...MORE IRRITATING THAN DWIGHT! THE HORROR!  And also just vaguely worrisome when flips out over the belongings-encased-in-Jell-O prank.   As for Karen, I dislike her slightly less, but only slightly.  My original impression of her, months ago, was Ice Queen Corporate Warrior and that opinion is still in place.  She's too smug, too smirky, too sure of herself.  Women like that annoy me like you wouldn't believe.  Speaking of things that annoy me: Roy.  Thank God Pam didn't go through with the's just pathetic and faintly disgusting that he couldn't take care of himself without her.  Clearly deserved his DUI.    

2. The Convention: Eww...Dwight calls Angela "Monkey."  I may be ill.  And oh, no,  This is painful.  You're very, very sweet,  Don't try to ask out Pam.  Why must the theme of this season be Awkward?!  Pam's blind date wasn't much better, but I will totally forgive that scene for its visual imagery of Kelly feeding Ryan French fries.  =D  She is so cute.  And he is so hilariously resigned.  Speaking of hilarious:   

Jim - "You know, when I saw Dwight, I realized how stupid and petty all those pranks I used to pull on him were.  And then he spoke.  I wonder how hard it would be to get a copy of his room key?"  LMAO, "Dwight has a hooker!"  Jim's panic face as he backpedals out of the room is priceless.  I rewound this about 15 times.  And as much as I try to ignore Michael's ridiculous antics, I did like the end where Jim goes in to cheer him up and promise that his boss was not the reason he transferred.  Jim has a heart of gold.   

3. The Coup: As disturbing as I find the notion of "Dwangela," I do get a kick out of the covert way in which they communicate at work.  Things I don't get a kick out of include Karen one-upping Jim.  I like it when he controls the office - not when he's out of his element learning a whole new set of ropes, in which he is called by ridiculous nicknames and smirked at constantly.  Also, Jim, stop smiling at her.  Just stop it.  It's not fooling anyone; we know you miss your curly-haired receptionist.  And WHAT is this ridiculous nonsense about office-wide computer games?  "Call of Duty?"  Come on now, that's just stupid.  Utterly pales in comparison to Office Olympics.  Also, portraying Karen as the secret nerd who proudly kicks all the boys' asses in violent videogames = not exactly the fastest way to make me like her.    

In other news, Sexy!Pam is not my favorite; I much prefer her blouses & sweaters, even if Kevin and Creed *weren't* leering pervily at her cleavage.  I still cannot figure out why her regular wardrobe is described as "plain" or "dowdy" when it's so very lovely.  Either the world and I differ on the concept of "plain," or my wardrobe is not as awesome as I think it is.  Hm. 

And wow, I think I almost felt sorry for Dwight when he was sobbing and literally throwing himself at Michael's feet, begging to keep his job.  That's a new feeling for me.  I'm not sure what to think.

4. Grief Counseling: Wait, did we see Ed Truck in a previous episode?  I forget.  Anyway, that's not important.  JIM!  Stop flirting.  Stop it right now.  You are not allowed to waste a day on a special chip-finding mission for *Karen* of all people.  I am irrationally cranky, I know this, but...I still cannot understand how anyone ever gave her half a chance.  The way in which they are giggling and creating diversionary antics is encroaching on Jim/Pam territory.  It makes me miss season 2.  Also, dammit, stop being impressed by Karen's ability to speak multiple languages. 

Back in Scranton, however, Ryan is doing a pretty good job as a Jim substitute when, without prompting, he picks up Pam's game of  using outlandish movie deaths to liven up Michael's attempt at creating a grief counseling session.  Pam is actually much better off than Jim right now.  And awww, she has a heart of gold too.  I love when she does things like create an elaborate funeral for a random dead bird to make Michael feel better.

5. Initiation: Okay, I am ridiculously excited by the fact that the back of the chair contraption in the barn is from a rocking chair...a rocking chair I am 98% sure is identical to the one I have in my bedroom.  Anyway.  Despite the unbearable levels of Dwight in this episode, Ryan was in all the same scenes, which helped balance it out a bit.  Poor abused junior sales associate.  "You know, every time I think I've hit rock bottom at my company, the floor opens up."  You have no idea how hard I laughed at the end when he snaps and starts egging the building of a failed sales call.  I <3 Ryan SO MUCH.  I also I love all the deleted scenes in which he vents in quiet tirade at the camera.  "Let me retrace my steps:  4 year degree - student loans - business school - alone at a beet farm, there's a step missing..."

Also, it's Jim and Pam's first conversation in way too long!  Happily, it is cute and not at all awkward (at least until the fumbling goodbyes). Of course, they're still not working together.  Poor puppies.  It's not nice to separate the puppies!  It forces me to look forward to scenes including Dwight!

6. Diwali: QUESTION: to air the part with the Kama Sutra pamphlets on network TV?  At 8:00?  Because the pixelation is not really leaving a whole lot up to the, um, imagination, and drawing or not, it's pretty nasty.  Other than that, loved this episode.  The Diwali party was all kinds of cute, but especially the part with Kelly's adorable sisters giggling (okay, cackling) at Ryan.  Can't you just picture Ryan at family gatherings on a regular basis?  I can!  No, seriously, my Kelly/Ryan shipper status just shot through the roof.  *is ignoring the end of season 3*

*sniffle* Poor Pam.  Jim's too drunk to notice his text messages. :( And EW.  OH MY GOD.  MICHAEL, STOP WITH THE INNAPROPRIATE KISSES.  STOP, STOP, STOP.

Over in Stamford, there is much shot-drinking, which seems like a slightly illogical thing to do when one is staying late to finish work, but...sure.  Whatever gets us to drunk!Jim.  Who is almost as fun as drunk!Pam, but not quite, because it also results in notdrunk!Karen waiting to drive him home, and that is really not the woman I want to envision in my scenarios here. 

7. Branch Closing: Oh!  Pranks on Dwight!  I have missed this!  A lot!  (As Jim merrily sends him faxes from "Future Dwight") Also, I LOVE KELLY.  "Eeeeeh, Ryan I'm so happy we don't have to break up!"  *treasures image of her hugging him from behind*  Lastly, everything about Karen still rubs me the wrong way.  Jim's way too good for her. 

8. The Merger: Oh yay!  That was exactly how I wanted her to greet Jim when he returned - with a lack of awkwardness and a big, excited hug.  *squees off hook*  I also love how he takes about 5 seconds to start antagonizing Dwight again.  And...Ryan, you might be high on the totem pole of characters, but if it's a faceoff between you and Jim for the good desk, and you win, I feel like hurting you.  I feel like hurting you even more when a deleted scene has you asking Pam and Jim to stop talking.  Such flippancy!

"People hate people that are different from them," Michael says wisely, and for once that is kind of true.  I dislike the merged company.  Please tell me they go away by season's end?  So far, Martin Nash is my favorite/the only one I like from among the new people, but that could just be because I like the actor.  Also, as the ep goes on, I'm finding it terribly sad that Pam was clearly expecting to fall right back into their old routine, and that's just not happening because he has stupid new in-jokes with stupid new Karen. 

Oh hey!  This is one of the eps I partially saw in the summer reun blocks!  (i.e. "among my first ever")  I just missed the first part; I joined in when they're in the conference room and Michael's putting the new people on the table. Then as now, I found it incredibly and intensely horrible.  At least it got Big Fat Dude to leave - I liked him even less than Breast Pump Lady. 

WHAT?  When did Karen progress to the back-scratching level of intimacy?  HISS!  [a/n: oh...perhaps when they started dating.  Wait, what??]  Ugh, I remember hating the TH "we'll always be friends" line the first time around, too.  *whacks Jim about the head and shoulders with a 2x4* 

Lastly, the "Lazy Scranton" music video makes me laugh much harder than it should. 

9. The Convict: It is unexpectedly amusing when Michael puts on the bandanna and gives a presentation on why prison is awful.  And the worst thing about prison was...the dementors!  Lol.  By episode's end, Martin Nash is gone.  On the one hand, that's a pity.  On the other hand...2 down, 3 to go! 

Further on the negative side, there's a scene with Jim and Karen in which the latter is holding Breast Pump Lady's baby, and it looks domestic and not in a good way.  *kicks chairs*  *stops kicking chairs upon viewing the following deleted scene in which Kelly is holding said baby while standing conspicuously beside Ryan's desk* 

Ryan: You have something you want to say to me about the baby?
Kelly: No.
Ryan: Okay. *turns back to work*
Kelly: OMIGOD RYAN babies are so cute and I want one right this instant!
Ryan TH: Yeah, babies are cute.  You know what's not cute? The fact that Kelly forgets to take her birth control pills on purpose. 

10. A Benihaha Christmas: Okay, wow, Dwight dropping a roadkilled goose on Pam's desk is the most disturbing thing to happen since the season premiere.  But what I really want to know is...WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO JIM, STAMFORD?  Turning down a prankage opportunity?  That is the saddest thing I have ever heard; so what if you have a new job title?  Pam offers you a way to mess with Dwight, you take it!  You take it without needing an entire episode to warm up to the idea first. However, I do rather like the Pam/Karen bonding as they plan a Christmas party opposite Angela.  It's much less threatening when they interact without Jim in the picture, and I'm glad they got along.  They were kind of awesome, even though I simultaneously felt sorry for Angela. 

Aww, Ryan and Kelly in the Dumpster...I have no idea how that can turn into a cute scene, but somehow, it is.  And forget what I said about bonding. QUOTE THIS about Karen merely being a rebound, a distraction, from the girl you really like who broke your heart...but not irrevocably broke, right?  You can put it all on the line a third time, can't you?  No?  Fine, be that way.  *weeps in corner*  I miss the teapot Christmas.  Can Christmas 2007 be full of snuggly Puppy Love?  *looks up hopefully through tears*

11. Back from Vacation: 1) *vomits over side of bed* No, no, no, ugh.  NO MORE MICHAEL/JAN MAKEOUT SESSIONS, EVER.  2) *wails* Pam is crying, which is making me cry.  This emotional roller coaster really sucks.  And I get to power straight through it all in a day...I don't know how the audience survived it unfolding over 9 months. 

12/13. Traveling Salesman/The Return: Okay, wow, I had no idea that watching various members of Dundler-Mifflin drive around making sales calls could be so hyserically.  I don't even know which amuses me most: Jim slapping Dwight, Michael being unexpectedly good at sales, Karen in clown makeup, or Stanley being awesome.  Who am I kidding...Stanley merrily leaving Ryan to make a sales pitch to a group of African-American men was hysterical.  Oh, and squee for Pam winning the contest and making friends with Angela!  Too bad she ruins it by refusing to accept Angela's highest token of friendship, a kitten.  OH, PAM.  How could you turn down a kitten?  This is unacceptable.     

Aside from that, however, I get to squee over Jim being genuinely excited for her (hug!), and Karen being cranky and jealous...and Jim not disclosing the whole truth about his supposedly-former feelings for Pam...yeah, that's right, try to convince yourself you've stopped caring about her.  *snort*

LMAO.  Jim, humorless: "I miss Dwight.  Congratulations, universe.  You win."  Hey, I miss Dwight too, and he's not even really gone.  That's how much I hate Andy.  And...oh, I didn't even notice Oscar was gone until he returned!  Seriously.  Totally forgot he existed.  On the bright side, for once, Michael actually seems to understand how another person can be annoying as he's oddly vindicating.  Even Jim is past the point of good-natured annoyance and looks like he might actually lose it in about five more minutes.  It is clearly prank-pulling time, only Karen is too much of a wet blanket to help out.  Luckily, the cute receptionist has not lost her touch, as he wanders up and casually offers "Would you like to pull a prank on Andy?"
"Um, I'm kind of in the middle YES, PLEASE."

Phone in the ceiling?  One of the greatest pranks ever.  *nods*  Even though he gets a wee bit frightening when he actually...punches a hole in the wall...(Pam: "I think we broke his brain.  *giggles*")  And - Karen just asked if he still has feelings for Pam.  Oh, say yes say yes say yes HOLY GOOD GOD DAMN!  *tackle-hugs Jim* This is one of my new favorite scenes. *blissfully ignores the fact that Roy's return to Pam's life is still pending*  I told you: man in love.  Other relationships = pointless.  I feel absolutely no pity for Karen right now.  None.  Women like her date a lot of guys.  Emotions lack depth and romances are far from epic, even when they last.

14. Ben Franklin: Is it too much to ask that we have a season without Todd Packer?  It is?  I'm just going to continue to not acknowledge his existence, then.  Not a lot to love about this episode, actually.  Jim decided to tell Karen about the kiss, which means he deserves to suffer through lots of "long talks" (that's...not a euphemism, right?), but I will forgive this because I derive amusement from the Death Glares going back and forth between Pam and Karen.  I will even forgive the stripper theme of this episode because I am amused by Ryan standing (uncomfortably) in the sex store with Michael and informing the camera "He hasn't even said a word yet.  Just giggling."  Speaking of giggling, that's what I did as soon as Roy claimed that he wasn't really into strippers.  Nope, what gets him all turned on is Pam's art!  Nothing sexier than watercolors of fruit and scenery, apparently.

15. Phyllis' Wedding: Oh, Jim.  Don't ever stop pranking Dwight again.  At least 2/3 of every season must open with a random prank on him.  Such as training him to salivate at the sound of a restarted computer and reach for an Altoid. 

The title wedding itself is a fairly boring affair, although Phyllis looks nice in her dress (really, Pam, you were going to wear that exact same thing?  With the matronly sleeves and everything?) and also, "Fields of Gold" is the best idea for a wedding song I've ever heard.  Plus Toby has a really pretty date whom I choose to believe is not a prostitute/escort/etc.  Because he's really quite cute, in his middle-aged, sad hound dog way.  You go, Toby!  

"Hypothetically, if I thought Pam was interested,, it's totally hypothetical."  OMG *HEADDESK HEADDESK HEADDESK*  You love her.  She loves you.  Roy is here.  Danger, danger -- ACK!  No, no, no!  Wrong hookup!  WRONG HOOKUP!  I...I am gonna go over here and squeal over Dwight/Angela, who actually make me happy when compared to the atrocity of Pam/Roy.  Blech!  Stop it!  Jim is looking!  JIM IS LOOKING!  *gives up in frustration*  Also, with the power of deleted scenes, I am totally shipping Angela & Dennis.  There are few greater professions for one's potential love interest to have than "vet." 

16. Business School: OH!  OH OH OH!  THIS IS THE FIRST ONE I EVER SAW!  *THE* FIRST ONE!  I remember the bat in "the redhead"'s hair, my feeling of intense hatred towards Dwight's weirdness, Michael feeling betrayed by "the kid", sweethearted Pam at the art show where her ugly boyfriend ditched her, and the irritating abundance of Steve Carell in Pam's art show retrospect, it would not have been among my choices to show someone watching The Office for the first time.  I mean, there's no Puppy interaction whatsoever. No wonder I didn't get hooked from the getgo.  Anyway.     

A) Oh yes. Pam & Roy, of solid foundation fame.  Honestly, what foundation?  The one built on beefheadedness and taking her for granted and yelling?
B) Awwww, Toby, you really are torn between Daughter's Play and Cute Girl's Art Show, aren't you? *squeezes Toby*  I'm secretly half-cheering for you, even though your tries are in vain.  
C) There are very few times I feel sorry for Michael, but the part where he looks utterly crushed and asks "Ryan said that?" (about the company being obsolete in a few years) is one of them.   
D) I love Pam's outfit, black jumper over a purple sweater.  I can't believe her colleagues mostly ignored her invitation, though - I mean, come on, I think art galleries are the most boring thing in the world, but when it's art by someone I *know*, I'm all over it.  How could you not love that?  *sniffle* And I got kind of choked up when he immediately wanted to buy one of her pieces.  At least somebody out there cares (in a manner of speaking).  Seriously, Jim, where the hell were you? 

17. Cocktails: Hm, Toby's crush just does not end.  It's getting...faintly sad.  It's also proof that Pam is the sweetest and most attractive woman in the office.  And yeah, Roy is less ugly with facial hair, but he's still...ugly.  And beefheaded.  Don't forget beefheaded; that's a major factor in why Pam is too good for him.  Speaking of unhealthy relationships, I cannot fathom why Jan is still doggedly going after Michael when doing so seems to give her ulcers.  And the camera...really, really, REALLY needs to stop catching them during their heated makeout sessions.  Ew.  Speaking of other unholy relationships... 

"What the hell, have you dated like everyone here?" Ahhhh-hah hah hah gross. *coughKarenisaSLUTcough*  Dump her, Jim.  Dump her.  Now.  Please.  Please.  Leave her crying by a fountain in New York ASAP.  Oh - whoops, that was all a joke...or so she claims. I'm kind of disinclined to believe her.  I think she has a long and colorful history; whether or not it consists of people she previously worked with is irrelevant.  Tramp.   

BAD PAM!  No you don't - you do NOT want a fresh start with Roy!  Stop it!  Stop it now!  Oh, phew.  Although I actually jumped in my chair when he started throwing stuff, I mostly got a giant sense of relief that their getting-back-together period didn't even last two episodes.  Thank God Pam finally figured out

Also, best deleted scene ever - Melissa showing up and Ryan, not recognizing her, half-flirting with her as he tries to figure out how she knows him...until Stanley sees this and flares up into Raging Father mode.  Ryan: "Oh, God..."

18. The Negotiation: By far the best cold-open ever...not only is there a round of death glares from Pam as Karen mocks Jim for wanting to stay in on Friday night, it's immediately followed by Roy storming in ready to kill one Jim Halpert!  I almost wish I hadn't already hunted this clip down on YouTube.  I fully wish it had been just the tiniest bit more serious - just one punch, come on.  A bloody nose, perchance?  Stupid Dwight and his pepper spray.  -.-

Ahah!  In the background, Ryan & Kelly are making out.  *squeals over 2nd favorite ship*  It's considerably harder to squeal over the favorite ship when Pam is trying to make a heartfelt (possibly dual-meaning) apology for Roy's attack and getting very little in return.  "We'll see.  I'm sure you guys will find your way back to one another some day."  Hey!  There are tears in Pam's eyes here.  Tears!  *puts on best Dwight voice*  "DAMN IT, JIM!"

On the bright side, Roy is fired!  YAY!  I think I might feel moderately, faintly sorry for Roy at this point.  Just a tiny bit.  Maybe.  I have no idea why...frick.  Maybe it was this line: "You're not even gonna try to go out with him?  I don't get you, Pam."  For once, me neither.  Is there a fic patch for this episode?  I could use a Pam character study to figure out what's going through her head right here.  On the dark side, the camera finally caught Dwight and Angela making out, and DEAR GOD MY EYES.  If it hadn't been accompanied by another of Jim's welcome OMGWTF faces, I think my head might have exploded from the horror.

19. Safety Training: Random betting on mannerisms of office workers = HYSTERICAL.  I'm surprised there were no bets related to Meredith's drinking, though.  How many swigs in 15 minutes, something like that...anyway.  Stanley's quote is my favorite: "I always knew my coworkers were annoying.  I never knew I could profit from it." But other than Darryl being his usual awesome self...there's not much to mention.

20. Product Recall: Jim dresses up like and imitates Dwight!  I DIE of LAUGHTER...I was literally shaking in my seat.  Especially when he jumped up yelling for Michael...oh, God.  Too good.  Plus, beloved theme song, after 40-odd viewings in a week, I still have not tired of Jim looking over Pam's shoulder.  I need an icon of that.

Pretty good episode here.  Loved Kelly dancing around excitedly as she got to train the accountants in being customer service reps ("This day is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s!"), and Angela failing miserably at it due to her inability to apologize, but mostly I just adored Jim & Andy going to the high school to talk to the principal...where Andy discovers that his girlfriend is a student there.  Even more disturbing than the fact that a pretty young girl would hook up with a creepy guy like Andy is the fact that Andy can't seem to get over it, and rambles in great detail to Jim about how it was when they first met, despite Jim's strong discouragement of this line of talk.  I feel a need to quote a section of it, because I laughed until I could hardly breathe. 

"...and this smokin' hot woman comes up and we strike up a conversation."
"Oh - you don't have to tell me this--"
"She lets me buy her and her friends some wine coolers for a dinner party she's going to--"
"You - shouldn't - be - talking - about - that."  
"I threw in some scratch tickets, (meanwhile, Jim just shakes his head) 'cause I'm a generous guy.  Next thing you know, we're making out in the woods."
"Hypothetically!  Hypothetically, you were making out in the woods."
"No, we were *really* making out in the woods."
"Nnnnope, can't help you now."

---- And then later:
"Is this what love is?  This horrible feeling in my stomach?"
"Mmm, nope, that's your conscience.  Listen to it."

Wow.  I think Andy was actually useful in an episode.  That's a new one.

21. Women's Appreciation: Ooookay...uncomfortable. Un-com-for-ta-ble.  There is too much phallus talk in general, but I especially do not want Pam to even begin the sentence "Roy wouldn't want me to see Jim's..."  Brain is not accepting images of nekkidness in any form where it concerns Puppy Love.  Not yet.  Other things not being accepted in my brain are images of nekkidness in any form that concerns Michael, especially not if those images are kinky.  So much about this ep was gross.  And six months, Jim?  Really?  You've tortured the viewing audience strung along dated Karen for six months already?  That's just sad. 

22. Beach Games: Survivor on the beach is amusing.  I am mostly concerned with the end.  OH.  LOVE!  I love this speech!  This is everything I've been waiting for and dying to hear and how did I not know this speech existed?!  Doesn't matter, I'm glad I finally got a good surprise!  This is literally everything I've wanted to see since at least 3x08.  I love Pam's breathless excitement over successfully crossing hot coals.  I love her accusation that nobody came to her art show.  I love her turning hurt eyes directly to Jim and asking why he wasn't there.  I love her just throwing everything out there, a rush of words tumbling over themselves without waiting for, or allowing, any response.  Watched it 3 times in a row.  *keels over, dead from squee* 
23. The Job: God, please tell me Jim's hair will not be looking like this for season 4?  Because it will kill Puppy Love dead.  I mean, how is it even possible for it to look that awful?  I mean, one of the greatest draws about Jim, as with most attractive male characters, is his fantastic hair.  Words cannot express how I love its overgrown waviness.  And then, thanks to Karen, it turns into...this gross rolled look.  Also, I'm pretty sure Karen described Pam as a bitch at some point in here, so...that's not okay.    

I prefer to ignore most of the filler material in the middle, because it mostly involves Jim/Karen being a couple and/or Jan being a total whackjob, but I get all choked up when Jim's got the job in his grasp until asked where he sees himself in 10 years.  Answer: with Pam.  Honestly, once she starts talking about how they never really got the timing right, etc etc...even though he's literally driving back to Scranton her at that moment, I get tears in my eyes.  It is entirely up to season 4 whether in the future those tears will be happiness over the beautiful start of something permanent, or disappointment that they were once again SO CLOSE.

Is it wrong to choose the path of optimism?  I feel like it makes me sound really naive to hope for longterm happiness, or at the very least no more love triangles involving either of them, but...they've had 2 full seasons of UST (that's enough, right?  Shut up, X-Files), and the majority of the viewing audience seems like they would be happy if the pair were happy, so...isn't that a recipe for good things? The first person who complains that the show has gotten boring due to lack of relationship turmoil will be shot.  With Dwight's crossbow. 

OVERALL: Honestly, I didn't think season 3 could be even half as good as season 2.  And I was wrong.  True, it lacks the giggly cuteness of season 2, and requires you to put up with the Stamford branch, but the overall quality of the episodes remains high.  I'm left feeling quite happy.  I hate Michael and Angela a little less at this point, although I hate Jan a little more, and it goes without saying that Karen is low on the totem pole.  (though not as low as Andy, who is worse than everyone except Kevin).  Jim and Pam are still the reason to watch the show, Ryan and Kelly (couples or not) are the secondary one.  I also discovered that I have an odd little soft spot for Toby/Pam, in a strictly AU context, and that if I'm going to be force-fed Dwight/Angela, I can get used to it.  Michael/Jan still induces vomiting, though.  And Jim/Karen is never okay for any reason whatsoever, because it makes my skin twitch to read things that go against the obvious natural order (hey, I just realized, this is the same feeling I get whenever I see support for Jack/Elizabeth vs. Will/Elizabeth in PotC!).  Wow, look at that, shipping took over another show.  Why does that always happen?

Cued up in the to-watch pile: Survivor premiere, Cold Case, How I Met Your Mother, CSI: Miami, NCIS, Bones, House, and....the only one I haven't collected yet is Law & Order: SVU, which I'm really hoping pops up soon, because that's one of the ones I was most worried about obtaining. 

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