RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

W O W I just looked at the spoilers for the new Veronica Mars season, and that's...

[specific spoiler]
The hell kind of finale is that? Logan dies? You finally marry your main ship and you kill him 5 minutes later??

SO GLAD I NEVER GOT EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN THIS SERIES. I was kind of sad I hadn't, when everyone was so excited about the admittedly super-coolness of crowdfunding A LEGIT MOVIE years after the show's ending, followed by canon-compliant and creator-written NOVELS (what is: my dream companion work since the dawn of television)...but now I can clearly see that was the right choice.

Every year I am more grateful that no one ever tapped Pushing Daisies back to life. A few years ago it seemed a cruel twist of fate, for it to have just missed the burgeoning era of alternate-network and streaming service saves; they were still talking about it in 2012 and it still seemed plausible then, but now I think (I HOPE) it's too late for a season revival, thank heavens. I can think of nothing that would strike more terror into my heart than such an announcement.

Can you even imagine?? No thanks at the inevitable Ned/Chuck breakup and possible death of a main character! Even if they didn't break up on screen, it would probably start off like "Chuck's been traveling the world solo for the past 8 years" and/or be about a weird open relationship they'd introduced to cope with the lack of touching until one of them started to catch feelings for another.
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