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Garage Sale & Grocery Conquests

Before I forget...I walked to 2 garage sales a block away from me, spent a total of $4, and made a killing:

  • Citrus Zinger water bottle (in pink! no sport cap sadly)

  • A pack of 6 folders, which I was just saying I needed more of and did not wanna spend $1.25+ apiece for at a store.

  • 4-pack of highlighters

  • Counting By 7s, which I've since read and will be purging (I just wanted to make it an even $1 because I had no coins/didn't want to fuss with change)

  • Really pretty handmade B-day card for my mom

  • Nine random Origami Owl charms, 3 of which I'm going to use to further embellish the card (the word 'MOM' below 'happy birthday' and two "8" charms to mark her birthday in the corner). I felt like I should have bought even more because they were a quarter apiece, but I just couldn't envision where or how I would use stuff like a little octopus or the word 'LOL' or a bubble bath. In retrospect, I totally could have used the bath on the card as a suggestion of 'things to do on your special day.' Oh well.

  • [edit: I decided to give another 2 of them to Mom as her present -- a heart on a message in a bottle (a theme she loves), and a double decker bus for her London souvenirs collection -- and she loves them.]

Also, I have had a pretty spectacular week of scoping grocery clearance & deals.

  • Big Chef's Salad (Walmart), $2.86 -- exactly what I wanted for lunch while I was having an afternoon reading in the park

  • 9 oz. deli-sliced ham (Walmart), $2.56

  • Bratwurst buns (Walmart), $0.89, which I only bought because it was literally the only bread left on the discount cart and I BADLY WANTED A SANDWICH, but which turned out to actually be delicious and AMAZING for sandwiches. Better than their regular loaves.

  • Elderflower and Rose Cordial (non-alcoholic), $3.33 -- which I've been looking at in the grocery store for MONTHS, wanting badly to try but not for $8, and which looks like it will make such a perfect summer drink, like a cocktail but less expensive than even the cheapest wine.

  • Plums & nectarines on sale for 99 cents/pound (Aldi)

  • Cherries for $1.99 a pound (Aldi)

  • Grapes for $0.89 a pound (Aldi) -- half of them are going in the freezer, because TIS THE SEASON FOR FROZEN GRAPES, and the rest are plump and juicy and so amazing that between these switch-ups to my usual fruit routine I haven't eaten a normal dessert in days and that's a victory for me okay

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